Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time management!

When month of May started my schedule has become more hectic than the usual. Additional work load was heading me hence all public utility vehicles plying within jurisdiction of our city was all transfer here in the new integrated transport station. My work is not merely focusing on one aspect hence I handle almost everything in the operation of course with the support of my ever energetic operation manager EHL.

I am just glad i learned how to manage my time, with proper management I know how to prioritized the task that was given to me. So far, am happy to say that all I haven't fail any deadline, I just hope it would be the same in the future.

This quarter would be another battle for me hence, next month we will be turning ONE! Yes guys, KCITS will be celebrating its 1st year of operation and I am very proud to say that we had established a system for our daily operation and I am part of it! We started from scratched but now we have something to share for the City government. I just wish everything will turns well for the coming years.

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