Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Truly Harrowing

Aside from dining, strolling,bar hopping and listening to live bands ; watching movie is one of the most enjoyable moments I had with my friends. We love movies, you heard it right guys, we are movie fanatics. Once a week I and my friends were going out to watch a movie together. Friday is a movie day for us. We really feel bad if we miss one show together our weekend is not complete.

We ought to watch good movies like action, romance, adventure, suspense and horror films. But we don't totally ignored unrated films hence not all movies that were not given a chance to be showed in a theater would mean not of good quality. Sometimes unrated movies has a better story compared with others. Watching unrated film is not a big deal for us for as long as we are together and having a good time inside the movie house.

Its been a long time now, that we haven't watch a horror Trailer movie. The last scary movie I've saw was during my college days, its been ages hahahaha.... Watching horror film like Truly Harrowing is for sure a never ending screaming for me and my friends thus as I watch the full trailer it is truly scary.

Truly Harrowing theatrical date release is schedule on May 9. Though Truly Harrowing wasn't able to make it in the theaters, it could not just be simply ignored by the viewing public. The sound effects itself can make you scream, run and will hold your breath. Truly Harrowing is a must see movie for me.

Truly Harrowing unrated and uncut will be also available on DVD copy on MAy 13. Just a simple reminders that some scenes in this movie may not be suitable for a very young audiences. Please do check with yourself log on http://www.Bloody-disgusting.com and see how Truly Harrowing scares you!

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