Monday, June 16, 2008

I'll be Back on Saturday Night!

Hello, guys! My schedule is so hectic nowadays... Just came back last saturday afternoon and again I'll be out for a Seminar for a week at Insular Waterfront Hotel Davao City. I do missed blogging, am two weeks catch less hehehehe. I'll be back on Saturday 21st of this month. Hmmm.... i just wish the hotel is hot spot so that I can visit you once in a while if the resource speaker is boring hehehhhe! See yah!


jessie said...


Mukhang busy ka pa rin these days ah. Ingat lang!

alf said...

from insular take a small boat cross the water and you will be in paradise beach. nice!

Lerlyn said...

te bhing basaha ni para maka access nasad ka online sa imong eon..