Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mutsy Strollers for babies!


Few months from now a good friend of mine will be delivering her babies, yes babies because it will be twins. As early as now she is demanding us her best buddies to have a gift for her twins soon and it is timely hence she will definitely need strollers then.I will surely give her the Mutsy stroller thus it is very chic yet very affordable. For sure, her babies will be enjoying riding in this very trendy and usable stroller. I can't wait that time anymore thus I myself will surely enjoy seeing them using it strolling in the park or in the mall as well.Sponsored by Mutsy


jessie said...


regaluhan mo ko ng ganyan pag nagka-bebe ako ha? :-)

Scotty's Princess said...

Suerte naman ng friend mo te, at twins pa!