Sunday, June 22, 2008

My bessie's wedding pics!

As promise I will post some of our pictures during my bessie's wedding. This is the only pics I've got in my digi cam (sigh) So, I will treasure the most of it. Actually, we have a lot of wacky pics but I haven't got a copy yet am still waiting for the newly wed couple to arrive from their honeymoon at Boracay. Don't yeah worry guys once I've got a copy of the pics took by the official photographer I will have a part 2 post hehehehe.

The newly Wed Couple with the Best man and the Maid of Horror!

Bonding time with the beautiful bride's maids

Another post, as if were not affected of the rain ( hehehehe)
The LAQUIHON wacky family pics!


Anonymous said...

Hey dear thanks for making my big day more memorable. you certainly are a blessing to me and dada. take note, pinanindigan talaga ang pagiging maid of honor. you are so precious to us. love yah bessie.

Lerlyn said...

hi ate bing! cool pics! asa gani gi held iyang kasal?beach ba to nu?Naa imong bessie dre boracay?

bregie said...

@Lerma: yup sa beach Lermz, ARC Babac, Garden City of Samal! Nakauli na sila June 17-21 sila diha, then pagka 22 naabtan sila ug bagyo sa Ilo-ilo, wala sila kauli kay canceled ang flight. Wala ba naguba ang boracay sa bagyo?