Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™


One of the toughest task, I am facing everyday in my workplace is to maintain the cleanliness of the whole overland terminal premises. As the admin in-charge, it is my duty to directly overseer the maintenance utilities who keep the whole building structure as well as the grounds clean and green.

Once a week I used to check the needs of my staff specially their cleaning materials and equipment so that everything will be in order. Mostly, we purchase janitorial tools like mops, mop heads and alike to clean up the mess of the passengers specially in the lobby area. I observed that my maintenance crew were having a hard time cleaning specially if it involves wet litters. Observing that scenario, I look for an answer for an easy tool for cleaning and luckily I found the Dirt Devil Accucharge which will surely help my maintenance utilities. With this new Energy Star and innovative equipment cleaning will be a lot of fun and I can maximize the service rendered by my crew.

I can't really wait to have this janitorial equipment, I already asked our manager if it is possible for us to purchase Dirt Devil AccuCharge the normal procedure of procuring goods, so glad to hear his reply saying why not if it could be of help. Yepey, third quarter budget will be release next month and a portion of that will be alloted for the Dirt Devil AccuCharge. My maintenance staff will be surely happy about it. Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuChargess_blog_claim=a67be8e51593cb439824dd7bf0a18e0d

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