Monday, July 28, 2008

Power Interruption!

Grrrr...we had encountered power interruption since Friday starting 8:00 o'clock in the morning. I immediately called up the service provider but there 3 phone lines were so busy, I guess they hanged it! I called them through radio but the operator doesn't give any acknowledgment... Grrrr... my patient was put on test by that time.... hence I still need to print some documents for the scheduled regulatory board meeting by 2:00 pm...Hmmm, I stayed 3.5 hours outside the office doing nothing hehehe.... (ay, chika diay sa ko!)

Last Saturday and Sunday another power failure stroke again, but only lasted for 20 minutes. According to COTELCO they are experiencing some technicalities with their lines supplied by Transco.... I hope they can fix it on time so that no more interruption again will occur.


jessie said...


kami rin walang kuryente for almost two days. binagyo kami dito sa ilocos norte. :-(

AZ Blogging said...

Power interuptions?
Ha ha
We are very used to that here in Camemeroon. They take power out at times for days.
Recently, an American company bought shares from our electricity corporation and we were rejocing that things will change.
Sincerely, the bills almost doubled and thje timeout almost trippled.

TIA (This Is Africa)

bregie said...

@Master Jessie:

Hindi naman kami binagyo pero panay ang ulan saka nagloloko daw ang lines ng TRANSCO eh kaya affected supply ng power provider namin!

bregie said...

@AZ Blogging! Wow, I thought we are the only one experiencing it... anyways, we'll hope for the best so that no more interruption will occur. GOD BLESS!