Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wondering about my RealRank!

Since I started dropping E-card seriously, my traffic has been moving tremendously. Three weeks ago my Alexa is around 7 million plus and my Real rank is more than 1ok. Last week, I posted about my present Alexa and RR ranking and I was so happy with its rapid improvement. Hmmm.... I was away for almost a week and I haven't drop E-card for almost 8 days because I took my vacation and It's just now that am recovering from a tiring yet enjoyable trip. I have a chance to monitor my rankings today and so happy with my Alexa traffic because its now in half a million plus level but am wondering why my RR is going up? I pressume before that once my Alexa is decreasing my RR will do the same. Why, why, why? sigh

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Scotty's Princess said...

Hmmm, this is a little confusing, Te. AS per my experience, when my Alexa traffic is up, RR is up as well. My RR for both of my blogs are 340 & 479 respectively. When Alexa updated recently, I got a boost from my Alexa traffic and my Real Rank as well, As for your RR, i do not know what could the reasons are. Maybe other bloggers could enlighten you on this one.


bregie said...

@Ellaine: Yup, talagang confusing! Sana nga may maka enlighten sa akin hehehehe... Master Jessie and Joliber help...help... wink!

jessie said...


I will explain this in my blog one of these days. :-)

bregie said...

@Master Jessie: Wow, touch naman ako to the rescue agad, Salamat master! Aabangan ko talga yan! wink