Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flawless Again!

When I was in my adolescent stage, I've been an ugly duckling. My face has big pimples which affects my confidence though I am very active with my academic activities. There are times that I've prefer to be alone than mingling with my classmates and friends. I always confide this problem with my mother and she is also worried about it. She brought me to a dermatologist to end up my problem. My doctor gave me an acne treatment cream for 7 days and I was very happy with the result because my pimples gone away like a bubbles. From that point in time, I've regained my composure and self-esteemed then became active with the school extra-curricular activities.


jessie said...


Forget about acne. With or without it eh maganda ka. Kasingganda mo na tong mga site mo ngayon. Grabeh ang designs. I simply love them. :-)

Mekhismom said...

Nice blog makeover!