Friday, August 1, 2008

I Can't Live Without It!


Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. This is the theme of the newly created online games that would surely hit the e-games world. It talks about the global warming and other phenomenal signs that would end the world. If the world is really ending the last gadget that I surely bring is my cellphone hence it has a multiple function. It is video capable and I can captured moments for the last time. If I will be feeling blue I can listen to my favorite music hence it has walkman capabilities. I can also share, wonderful songs to the people around me and we can dance and sing to the beat of music we wanted to hear for the last time. It has also a calendar wherein I can store that once in lifetime event so that it could be remembered. This gadget will surely be treasured . Operation Immortality is from the creation of Richard Garriot the renowned creator of a very successful online video game Tabula Rasa and the Earth Sixth private citizen to travel into the space. This another world class video game will hit the International Space Station on October this year. Sponsored by Operation Immortality

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