Friday, August 29, 2008

I miss those days!

When were still young and my brothers were not yet married, the three of us always adhere our parents to go to a resort or a park and have picnic. I myself voluntarily prepares the menu and of course gourmet food is always in my list. As the only girl among siblings,my mom used to trained me to prepare and cook food for the family. Though I don't attend formal school for cooking but I can say I knew the basics of cooking and preparing different kinds of dishes. I learned all this skills through observing others while cooking, reading cook books and magazines, research and of course experimenting. To date, every time we are planning to have a picnic, I don't asked my brothers anymore what to prepare but I prefer to asked their kids what they wanted to have in the picnic baskets. My nieces loves side dishes with cheese and my nephew always reminded me about his favorite dessert. I feel very happy when they love the food I've prepared specially if my father appreciates my cooking, that's an awesome feeling for me hence he is quite picky specially how the food is prepared and served. Last Sunday, we had a chance to go out because all of us were complete in the family. As usual, I do all the cooking but it's alright, I am enjoying what am doing specially if is for my family. Sponsored by Dean and Deluca

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