Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps: The Greatest Olympian of All Time with 14th Gold Medal

Yesterday, Michael Phelps made another history in the world of Sports. He surpasses the record of Spitz for the most number of gold medals got in a single Olympic game . Michael Phelps got his 8th gold medals in Beijing Olympics and was recognized as the Greatest Olympian of all Times having 14th gold medals all in all. I was able to watched the last competition of Phelps and he really dominates the blue cube by his powerful butterfly stroke. Undeniably, he is the fastest and the greatest athlete in the 21st century. During the awarding ceremony of the 400 meter relay which gave Phelps his 8th gold medal, a teary eyed lad of Baltimore, USA was given another Medal recognizing his tremendous achievement. The mother and sisters of Phelps was in tears of joy while watching him in the flat form receiving his one of a lifetime award.

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