Friday, August 22, 2008

My Dear Andrei Briggs is Sick!

Hi, Peeps! Sorry if I was not able to visit your site yesterday because I was so busy attending the needs of my dear nephew Andrei. I feel so guilty because partly I am the reason why he had his tonsillitis. I bought a box of mentos fruit mixed and I gave it to him as my pasalubong but sad to say he ate it all, the very reason why his tonsils got swelled. The following morning he got a high fever so mom and I decided to brought him to his pediatrician, good thing Dr.Vargas was in Madonna Hospital just in front of the Compound where we are staying. After the check-up he immediately gave anti-biotic and a gurgle solution for Andrei's throat. Good thing was my nephew is not picky in taking medicines unlike with my 2 nieces. I am his nurse every time he is sick and nobody can make him take his medicine except tita bing. I am thankful that his fever already subside its now 37.5 from a high of 40 last night. I hope and pray he will be feeling better and will be totally fine.

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