Friday, August 22, 2008

There's always a First Time!

The effort of my Auntie Baby to send all her children to school and finished college was an outstanding achievement. Why, its because she do with GOD and herself. My Uncle was not able to help her because he died early because of colon cancer. Every time she talked with my father and reminisced the past, the tears was really falling down her eyes but my father always told my aunt that she is very lucky because God is always there to support her and despite of the situation she is now reaping the fruits of her hardships. To date my aunt in now living is New York for almost a decade now. My cousin Josephine who is a resident nurse of the New York Hospital was then became successful in her chosen field so she easily petition for the residency of my Auntie Baby.

Last March they both went home and I had a chance to have some chitchats after more than 5 years that I haven't talked to them seriously. My cousin shared the experience they had when she and Auntie Baby took their first vacation together at Florida. They had a chance to see the enchanting beauty of Cypress Gardens Florida which according to her makes her mom very happy. The funny thing was, Auntie Baby annoyingly pick a piece of flower without knowing it was prohibited. The good thing was nobody seen her picking flowers except my cousin so they throw the flower immediately to the garbage bins. My aunt asked an apology thus he thought it was just alright picking up flowers in the garden like in her homeland, Philippines. After the incident my cousin told her mom, its alright theres always a first time and next time she should be very careful or else they will be sleeping in the jail instead of a luxury hotel. It was a very memorable trip according to them and if chances will allow them they will surely go back to that very beautiful place.

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