Monday, September 29, 2008

Wise Move for Bonnie!

Our tricycle driver finally decided to apply for an insurance for himself. It's been two weeks since my mother is convincing him to get some for his own good and of course for his family's protection as well. Last night, he was fully convinced after reading the insurance policy and the life insurance quote that attracts his attention. Personally, I helped him fill-up the forms as part of the package deal. Good move Bonnie!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Andrei's Invasion!

Little by little I am getting back myself to blogging activities. Though my hours of staying in front of the computer is now limited due to health constraint. Last weekend I am planning to go back on EC dropping hence its been a weeks that I haven't reach 300 drops. My plan was ruined by my growing up nephew hence once he saw me going toward my room, he will run directly to the computer and will tell me " Tita ako muna gagamit ng Internet, bawal sayo!". I thought he was just kidding at that time but mind you he seriously mean it, I can't use the computer when he is awake. Hmmm... imagine he will be just turning 4 this October 12 but he is now invading my territory! Wawa naman ako!

Cozy and Stylish

Every time we have a guest in our workplace, they used to praise the set-up of our newly built overland terminal. From the design of the building, spacious parking spaces for the public utility vehicles and the stalls as well. In the main building we have a lobby which is full of gang chairs to accomodate and give comfort to all passengers while waiting for their trip. We also have a cafe at the center which is operated by a private individual and am telling you it their food taste good with a very reasonable price. If it is your first time to visit my workplace and saw the cafe am talking about you will first notice their bar stools which is very cozy and stylish. No wonder customers loved seating their because they feel very comfortable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Diet Diet

It's been a month since I've suffered from bad dry cough which trigger my hyper acidity and hamper my diet plans. wink! I really wanted to go back on my diet but still I can't this time thus I still have to recover from my successive migraine attacks. I need to eat healthy, have enough rest and never stress myself from work which is very impossible this time hence, I am really pressured cause different problems arose everyday specially that renewal of Identification is going on for our stakeholders. I wish this coming month my health will be totally fine so that I can already buy Phentermine for my diet regimen. Please help me pray guys.

Better Late than Never Posted!

Three weeks ago I was able to make my birthday present for my big bosses. I wasn't able to post this on the exact dates of their birthday hence I am not really feeling well. As I am browsing this morning, I came across of their pictures so I decided to post it even its too late. It was my first online scrap art, I just use the freebies available so its not that detailed. I gave it to them with complete accessories and they both like it. It feels good though its not that expensive... wink!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mood swing!

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]
Lately I've been so lazy going online. I am still recovering on my migraine attacks. Pain is  lighter now than before but still I can't stay long infront of the computer. Sometimes if I have in the mood I can hop and drop as much as I want but if am  not, I just stare the pc and told myself, bukas na lang!  I miss a lot of opportunities and sad to say no more $$$ coming in, whew! Anyways, I just wish my mood will go back to normal. To all my regular droppers and visitors, thank you for keeping my two sites alive. God bless you all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haven's Place

Last week, I had a chance to chat with my cousin who was working abroad for a long time. She told me that the temperature is US is rising up and they can't stay long outside hence they might be experiencing hit stroke. I asked her if they have a plan to go home here in the Philippines but she told me they can't hence her husband Jerry already book for a vacation at Caribbean, Hmmm... I ask her if they will be staying at St. Martin villa rentals and she told me, maybe...Well, good for her at least they will have a break together as husband and wife thus its been 8 years since they got married yet no progress yet to have a baby. I just wish this time will be a big success!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My niece loves her boots

September is called Intramural month hence, most of the schools are celebrating this event here in our place. Regularly it lasted for 5 long days so that students can go relax and show their sports potentials. Last week my niece is keep on reminding her mom about the boots she will be wearing on the parade thus she is a newly recruit member of the band corps. Her dad is teasing her and told my niece that he is willing to to lend his UGG Australia boots so that she will be look great during the parade. My niece laugh and naughtily answered , don't you worry dad in few years time I will wear that one, so you better watch out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Struggling still...

I feel sad when I can't update my blog. It's been 6 days since my last post because I can't really stay long in front of the computer. Added fact that I was not in the mood of writing hence am still struggling with migraine attacks. It was so painful but despite of that am still taking my time to hop and drop once in a while, pasaway pa rin talaga! Am glad that I am feeling better now and hoping it will continue this coming days. Just bear with me guys.... Thanks!

Good supply

As part of the maintenance routine of our plumbers and technicians. I always require them to have a daily report and weekly inventory of the supplies to be needed for the fixtures of the our building. Two weeks ago, we need to close one main area of restroom for a monthly maintenance repair and our plumber reported to me that they will be needing spring plungers for one of the basin. Good thing was our supplier never fails to give us a good supply of the materials we needed everyday and am very happy about it hence our operation is never hampered.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thinking about it!

When I was diagnosed to have a bad dry cough, I was forced to stop my diet to give way for my medication. At first, I continued eating less but my stomach can't bear the pain cause by the medicines am taking in. I always fill dizzy and feel like vomiting all the time, my hyper acidity attacks added me burden. Now, my cough is almost over and I am thinking to continue my diet but I still need one or two weeks more hence I need to prepare my system thus my body is used that I am eating rice in the past few weeks. Whew, what a shame hence in a three weeks I gain weight , my belly is start bulging again, how sad. Last night I am thinking of using another alternative hence discount diet pills is available and I can buy it over the counter. I am not that decided yet but I will post it here soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


You may wonder why am not that active lately with my blogging activities, its because of migraine attack. It's been 4 days and still hitting me so badly and I can't stay long infront of my pc. I hope I can feel better soon... Peeps, sorry if I can't return your drops regularly, babawi ako promise...

Discover your Digital Potential!

When I started working at the government's office, I never thought that I have potentials in video editing. When our city administrator make a team for the state of the city address, luckily I was chosen to handle one of the sector. Since it is a new administration, our CA wanted something new and deviate from the traditional reading of accomplishments. During our brain storming, a video presentation idea comes up and after deliberation, the team decided to use it as a final medium for the SOCA presentation of the local chief executive. As a neophyte in making documentation I was so excited during the actual taking of videos, at first I was so hesitant in handling the camera hence I am afraid that I might destroy it. It was a funny experience but when I have given a change to take my own video shot for my sector, I discovered that I have a gift for it. My mentors appreciates the shot and It was so overwhelming when our senior documentary editor told me that my takes was like a pro. Those encouraging words from my mentors makes me more inspired of what I am doing. Actually, I already shared my short video clip to my Aunt in Canada through Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. It is a modern way of showing our potentials online. Actually this innovative idea can be use in making commercial clips or digital short films. I am encouraging my fellow neophytes to use this product and be a director or be star in your own way.Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Firefox Mozilla Error affects my E-Card Dropping!

Since yesterday I had a hard time with my internet browser Firefox Mozilla. Every time I will open numerous tabs lets say with an average of 5 sites it will automatically shut off and will notify you "Firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to closed. We are sorry for the inconveneince". Huhuhu, I miss dropping E-cards, as much I would like to do it my browser is not that cooperative. I tried to shift with the Internet Explorer but the speed is killing me. I hope FF will fix their problem as soonest as possible. Peeps, I will return your drops promise...

Banzai Fix Online

Every time I got bored, one diversion that I'd have is the internet. My personal computer is considered my favorite toy. Even I left alone at home, I can always find somebody to chat with and of course connect with my buddies through my blog sites. One activity that I am hook nowadays is playing online games, though am not an expert with those games and lost most of the time, its totally fine thus what matters to me is I am enjoying the games I am playing. Nowadays, playing online games is one of the bonding activity that I use to do with my nieces and nephew. They usually tease me every time I lost and they really laughing their hearts out. This newly launched online games will be another hit for me, Andrei, Alxia and Aleighx hence I myself love the character of Banzai. Now, I can imagine how loud the laugh of the kids when will start playing this game specially were using chopsticks to win the game. My excitement is now flowing my nerves and can't wait to play Banzai with them soon. For sure it will be a big hit online not only for kids but also to the young at heart like me. It is now available in grab your copy now and lets play Banzai. ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Monday, September 1, 2008

August TOP 10 E-Dropper

Here are my top 10 E-card droppers for the month of August!

Lainy's Musings 31
Our Journey to Forever 29
Acakadut 29
Snapshotcap 28
Memories Frozen in Time 28
Kuerdas! 28
Cutie Booty Cakes 25
The Positive Side 25
Passport2Cruising 23

Thank you guys for always dropping at my site. To all my friends who drops by once in a while, thank you also and I hope your names will be included in my list next month. Salamat!

Victory Hair

When I heard about Ultimate Flirting Championship, the first thought that comes in my mind is having a good looks. Yes, physical attributes is a plus factor specially if your aiming to become a star in your chosen field. We cannot deny the fact that the impression you leave for the first time with your employer, client or any acquaintances is always be remembered. One physical aspect that I consider to have lasting impression is having a Victory Hair. Personally, my own definition of victory hair is having long, shinny, bouncy and damage free hair. It is where a person can't take off his eyes when he sees you walking and can't control himself touching those beautiful hair of yours. Achieving great looking hair is an investment, earned by hard work and of course runs in the genes. To date, we should be very thankful that stylish guru like Extreme Style by VO5 is there to help us achieve the our own version of victorious hair. With their new technology and expertise, they can make a difference in you. There will be no more bad hair days and you can say goodbye to flaky,dry and damage hair. With their help you can now say hello tomorrow and goodbye yesterday hence a new you is born today. Now, is your time to shine and be a shinning star in your own way.

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