Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Andrei's Invasion!

Little by little I am getting back myself to blogging activities. Though my hours of staying in front of the computer is now limited due to health constraint. Last weekend I am planning to go back on EC dropping hence its been a weeks that I haven't reach 300 drops. My plan was ruined by my growing up nephew hence once he saw me going toward my room, he will run directly to the computer and will tell me " Tita ako muna gagamit ng Internet, bawal sayo!". I thought he was just kidding at that time but mind you he seriously mean it, I can't use the computer when he is awake. Hmmm... imagine he will be just turning 4 this October 12 but he is now invading my territory! Wawa naman ako!


Twerlyn said...

nako te grabe na yang health issue mo na yan ha..pagaling na te..

bregie said...

Twerlyn: Yup sinabi mo pa, as in di pa totally magaling til now kaya di lang abuso kasi hirap eh.

jessie said...


Ang lagay eh mas authoritative ang pamangkin kesa auntie. :-)