Monday, September 22, 2008

Diet Diet

It's been a month since I've suffered from bad dry cough which trigger my hyper acidity and hamper my diet plans. wink! I really wanted to go back on my diet but still I can't this time thus I still have to recover from my successive migraine attacks. I need to eat healthy, have enough rest and never stress myself from work which is very impossible this time hence, I am really pressured cause different problems arose everyday specially that renewal of Identification is going on for our stakeholders. I wish this coming month my health will be totally fine so that I can already buy Phentermine for my diet regimen. Please help me pray guys.



I suggest you cut on pork & beef intake 3x/week and you will feel lighter in a week. Good luck! Please hit me back at

jessie said...


It's good to see you're back in business. :-)