Thursday, September 4, 2008

Discover your Digital Potential!

When I started working at the government's office, I never thought that I have potentials in video editing. When our city administrator make a team for the state of the city address, luckily I was chosen to handle one of the sector. Since it is a new administration, our CA wanted something new and deviate from the traditional reading of accomplishments. During our brain storming, a video presentation idea comes up and after deliberation, the team decided to use it as a final medium for the SOCA presentation of the local chief executive. As a neophyte in making documentation I was so excited during the actual taking of videos, at first I was so hesitant in handling the camera hence I am afraid that I might destroy it. It was a funny experience but when I have given a change to take my own video shot for my sector, I discovered that I have a gift for it. My mentors appreciates the shot and It was so overwhelming when our senior documentary editor told me that my takes was like a pro. Those encouraging words from my mentors makes me more inspired of what I am doing. Actually, I already shared my short video clip to my Aunt in Canada through Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. It is a modern way of showing our potentials online. Actually this innovative idea can be use in making commercial clips or digital short films. I am encouraging my fellow neophytes to use this product and be a director or be star in your own way.Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover

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