Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mood swing!

Glitter Words
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Lately I've been so lazy going online. I am still recovering on my migraine attacks. Pain is  lighter now than before but still I can't stay long infront of the computer. Sometimes if I have in the mood I can hop and drop as much as I want but if am  not, I just stare the pc and told myself, bukas na lang!  I miss a lot of opportunities and sad to say no more $$$ coming in, whew! Anyways, I just wish my mood will go back to normal. To all my regular droppers and visitors, thank you for keeping my two sites alive. God bless you all!


nisha said...

Hi.. nice site.. i also miss plenty of opps and due to stress i cant update my blog too.. but when i do, then i make up for the days.. :))

All the best!

naomi said...

i feel the same way. i seldom update my blog and i always miss out some opps.

hope you're feeling better now.

Jacqueline said...

We'd rather you got enough rest. We'll still be here waiting. :-)