Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thinking about it!

When I was diagnosed to have a bad dry cough, I was forced to stop my diet to give way for my medication. At first, I continued eating less but my stomach can't bear the pain cause by the medicines am taking in. I always fill dizzy and feel like vomiting all the time, my hyper acidity attacks added me burden. Now, my cough is almost over and I am thinking to continue my diet but I still need one or two weeks more hence I need to prepare my system thus my body is used that I am eating rice in the past few weeks. Whew, what a shame hence in a three weeks I gain weight , my belly is start bulging again, how sad. Last night I am thinking of using another alternative hence discount diet pills is available and I can buy it over the counter. I am not that decided yet but I will post it here soon.

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