Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yahoo.... I WON... I WON!

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Wow, what a big surprise. I joined Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest as a promised to the celebrant. Unexpectedly, I won hahahaha..... I really can't believe it hence I guess I was the last one who submitted an entry for the said contest. This winning is very sweet for me. Thank you Lainy... mwah! Congratulations also to my c0- winners... Cheers!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forever Friend!

"Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life by being a part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe that there is really good in this world.
Someone who convinces you that there is
an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.
This is Forever Friendship.

When you're down, and the world seems dark and empty,
your Forever Friend lifts you up in spirit
and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.

Your Forever Friend gets you through the hard times,
and the sad times, and the confused times.

If you turn and walk away your Forever Friend follows.
If you lose your way, your Forever Friend guides you and cheers you on.

Your Forever Friend holds your hand
and tells you that everything is going to be a-okay.
And when you find such a Friend, you'll feel happy and complete,
because you need not worry.

You Have A "Forever Friend" For Life
and Forever has No end.

Thanks for the wonderful friendship you and Scott shared with me. 
I really treasured it.
 Happy Birhtday and wish you all the best of luck ... GOD BLESS!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Health tips from Aunt

When I reach my 30's, I felt a lot of changes in my body. I guess my health is deteriorating because of my lifestyle and the food I am taking. When I shared this thought to my aunt she advice me to take food supplements like vitamin A, E, D and C. I seriously take her advice and from then till now I already included it in my budget. Woman really needs health supplements , so better visit and buy ephedra wherein you can get one best health supplements for women.

Am Home from A very tiring Trip

Yahoo... am home after 5 days. There is no place like home, I am so excited when the airplane landed at Davao International Airport. I wanted to go home immediately because I miss everything in there. I miss my mom and the whole family. I also miss my laptop hehehe... I wasn't able to blog since I left for Subic last Wednesday morning. Though we have wifi connection at the hotel but mind you its not for free, you have to buy a card worth P600 which is valid only for 24 hours, in order to enjoy the service. My boss consume 2 cards on our stay, though I can use it but naunahan ako ng hiya hehehehehe.... murag tinuod baga jud baya ko ug nawong hahahaha (wink)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nice Forum

During our stay at Legenda Hotel at Subic Freeport, Olongapo City for 3 days aside from the Executive-Legislative Agenda of every Local Government Unit, we also had a chance to discuss about mortgage quotes. Director Pai open the discussion in relation with the projects that MBUSSP are handling and assisted in the area of Mindanao. The forum is very informative and personally I learned so many things on that activity. I wish I can still attend on their upcoming activities next month.

Busy as usual @ SBMA!

Last Friday, we have received a communication from Department of Interior and Local Government Head Office specifically under Mindanao Basic Urban Social Services Project (MBUSPP). The team is inviting us to attend the Executive-Legislative Sustainability Forum to be held on October 23-25 at Legenda Hotel, Subic Freeport Zone, Olongapo City. This is the first time that MBUSSP is holding such kind of event outside of Mindanao. My boss had refer it to our Local Chief Executive and he is very positive with it. Were here in Subic now with Mayor Dodong, VM Luis, my boss and the DILG director of our city.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Give yourself a nice treat!

People nowadays tend to think about work, work and work! They almost forgot themselves and one big example is myself. I used to overwork and its not healthy. I am just so thankful that I have my family and friends who keeps on supporting me and keeping my spirit alive all the time specially when I am so stress and bored with my daily routine. If I have a chance , I would like to pamper myself and give a wonderful break, a good vacation wherein I can unwind and rebuild myself. I heard about Brazil vacation packages which offers a very nice treat. I am so thrilled with their offers and for sure a lot would surely enjoy this one great deal opportunity to unleased your stress, unwind and give yourself a never been tried pampering treat.

Stress... Stress... Stress!

October is really a very stressful month for me. New assignments and obligations was added on my shoulder and I feel really wreak from work. Sad to say, I don't have time for myself, I look 20 years older now hahahaha.... My friends is keep on complaining that I don't have time for them but what can I do I can't really off from work. My boss will not allow me to take any leave of absence because he needs me in the office. Sorry for me huhuhu!

Need more of it!

Since July, I enjoyed having my own digital camera it's a dream come true for me cause I really love taking pictures. I am an aspiring photographer in my own simple ways. To date I have 1 gigabyte memory but since I am aiming to get a wonderful shot I need a full resolution which requires me to upgrade or add more cards so that I can fully enjoy the materials that I would like to take. I am really planning to have one but still scouting for a quality one and of course , fits my budget hehehehe! Wish me luck.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrei's 4th Birthday!

Last Saturday we had a simple advance celebration for my nephew's 4th birhtday! Andrei is very happy though he don't have a party. We just had a simple family dinner and we just prepare cake and balloons as requested by the celebrant.

Andrei is enjoying his cake with a big smile!

Blowing of the cake...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy... Busy... Busy!

I am not really expecting that month of October will be a very busy month for me. I thought, December will be the start of my hectic days. Unexpectedly, renewal of identification cards for our stakeholders was now approved by the Local Chief Executive and ordered to effect it immediately. As head of the Admin Section, I was the one handling all the details from the designs as well as the evaluation of all the applicants, so long with the computation of all their penalties. I can't even stand up sometimes hence applicants were flocking in my tables. Whew, I hope next month would be a lax one, how I wish hehehe...

I will surely try it!

I am a pie lover from the start, I enjoy different variety of it. Last January, when we visited Manila I requested my cousin to bought a pie for me from Laguna cause I really missed its taste. Am so happy when Ate Bobot arrived with 3 boxes of it hehehe... Just this week I came across  to a new  pumpkin pie which am sure another flavor that will surely hit to a pie lover like me. I told to myself I should taste this one this coming days.


Our office is operating about a year now and I am proud to say that the operation is doing pretty well. The manangement is dreaming of computerized ticketing system  for a better service and two months ago we have a chance to enroll it for assestment. Yesterday, we received a letter form MBUSSP DILG- Manila that our office is qualified for the said project  and we are very happy for this development. This coming Friday technical experts from MBUSSP will visit our place and will take some assessment. Personally, I am excited about it cause its another achievement for the management. If ever it will prosfer KCITS will be the 1st ever computerized government own overland terminal operating in Mindanao... wow it really rocks!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bregie wear's glasses again!

I am wearing my eyeglasses again, after such a long time of freeing my eyes. My doctor advice me to use it everyday specially when I am out for work so that my senses will be stable. There are instances that I feel so dizzy and my eye sight gets blurred, so he said my glasses will be of help. Anyways, the design of my glasses is for double purpose, I can wear it anytime hence the lenses will automatically adjust to the light to protect my eyes from UV rays.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Andrei's Birthday Wish!

My nephew is a big fan of Disney characters. At an early age, he used to identify different Disney cartoon character and of course his favorite is the Big Time Mickey Mouse. Next Sunday, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday. His dad called me up and told me about the plans for his simple celebration here on the 11th hence on the 12th, his birthday they will be going to Davao to have another celebration with his mom. Em can't go home because she will be taking MOCK CPA board on the 11the and 12th of October. Last night, Andrei talked to his mom and Em asked him what gift he wanted to received " Innocently, my nephew answered I want to ride on the boat with mickey mouse, Donald duck , Goofy and Pluto" We all laughed cause he is referring to Disney cruises which he used to watch in the Disney Channel. Her mom, told him okey, soon we will be riding but you should be a good boy always" Andrei, told his mom promise!

How I wish...

Yesterday a good friend Lainy texted me and convincing me to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit to be held in General Santos City. I am happy to know that she is very eager to convince me to join to that one big event. Of course, I am excited too but still I can't decide yet whether to attend or not because of my hectic schedule. October is another busy month for us hence renewal of Identification cards for our stakeholders is on the run and I doubt if my boss will allow me to take a leave of absence. I am not closing my doors, anyways, I just wish next week I can fix my schedule so that I can take the last slot for the summit.

Big Decision!

For more than a year of working in Integrated Transport Station here in Kidapawan City, I am happy to say that I was able to established good rapport with the different transport operators. Yesterday, when I was checking the cleanliness of the bus berthing space I was able to talk to the son of our bus operator and he mentioned some developments in their company amidst with the global financial crisis. Big boy as we used to call him told me that they are selling some of their units, In fact he said we already put some bus for sale tags to some of our airconditioned units to buy a new one. Hmmm... good luck big boy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top 10 EC Droppers for September

Again a million of thanks to this wonderful people who included my site on their list of dropping EC's everyday. Thank you so much guys, I am so touch hence the month of September was not too cooperative with me and my health was really affects my blogging activities. GOD BLESS all of you guys and to those who never included in my top 10 list I also owe a lot from you!


Dropper# of drops
Picture to People31
Dunia Edukasi30
Lofty Matters30
The Pond30
Is 8 Enough?30
Dunia helper #230
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PoemofQuotes Blog30
get some29
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