Monday, October 27, 2008

Am Home from A very tiring Trip

Yahoo... am home after 5 days. There is no place like home, I am so excited when the airplane landed at Davao International Airport. I wanted to go home immediately because I miss everything in there. I miss my mom and the whole family. I also miss my laptop hehehe... I wasn't able to blog since I left for Subic last Wednesday morning. Though we have wifi connection at the hotel but mind you its not for free, you have to buy a card worth P600 which is valid only for 24 hours, in order to enjoy the service. My boss consume 2 cards on our stay, though I can use it but naunahan ako ng hiya hehehehehe.... murag tinuod baga jud baya ko ug nawong hahahaha (wink)

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jessie said...


O, nakabalik ka na pala. How's your trip to Subic? Buti ka pa. Kami pupunta pa lang sa baguio sa Nov. 7. Then balik kami sa Nov. 27 for the board exam on the 29th and 30th.