Friday, October 3, 2008

Andrei's Birthday Wish!

My nephew is a big fan of Disney characters. At an early age, he used to identify different Disney cartoon character and of course his favorite is the Big Time Mickey Mouse. Next Sunday, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday. His dad called me up and told me about the plans for his simple celebration here on the 11th hence on the 12th, his birthday they will be going to Davao to have another celebration with his mom. Em can't go home because she will be taking MOCK CPA board on the 11the and 12th of October. Last night, Andrei talked to his mom and Em asked him what gift he wanted to received " Innocently, my nephew answered I want to ride on the boat with mickey mouse, Donald duck , Goofy and Pluto" We all laughed cause he is referring to Disney cruises which he used to watch in the Disney Channel. Her mom, told him okey, soon we will be riding but you should be a good boy always" Andrei, told his mom promise!

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