Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy... Busy... Busy!

I am not really expecting that month of October will be a very busy month for me. I thought, December will be the start of my hectic days. Unexpectedly, renewal of identification cards for our stakeholders was now approved by the Local Chief Executive and ordered to effect it immediately. As head of the Admin Section, I was the one handling all the details from the designs as well as the evaluation of all the applicants, so long with the computation of all their penalties. I can't even stand up sometimes hence applicants were flocking in my tables. Whew, I hope next month would be a lax one, how I wish hehehe...

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jessie said...


It won't be a shocker if you'll become busier this month. For one, your approval at payu2 will force you to write more. Hehehe.

Goodluck sa monetization.