Sunday, November 30, 2008

Business Offer!

With the global crisis were facing right now, venturing into any kind of business is really a big risk but to those who decided to have their own franchise of  a well known chain, worries would be lesser hence they know that their investment is worthy. Most establishments that open franchise dealership have a support package from planning, training of employees up to handling the operation proper, that's the very reason why a lot of business wannabe prefers  to avail franchising than running a self conceptualized business.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UK galore!

I will not deny that I am a surplus fan. Here in our place we have a Association of UK (ukay-ukay). The city government allowed them to occupied the abandoned old terminal space. Though its not that big but, its more accessible and safer than the place they occupied before. Its been two Saturdays that I am spending almost half a day choosing different kinds of garments in that place. I was so thrilled when I was able to bought 4 sets of printed organza embroidered curtain with less than a thousand per set. Mom was so happy because its really a rare opportunity to have a good catch as what I've got. Just recently, mom and I got a chance to buy sets of bed sheet, as usual were the first one to choose in the bundle so we've got 6 pieces queen size of it with less than a thousand pesos, whew, jackpot! Some friends asked me why I patronized those things, I just simply answered them I want to be practical and spent my money wisely. wink!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dad and Mom needs to go diet!

Every year, mom and dad undergo executive check-up. Last Friday, they go to the hospital very early for their schedule of laboratory test such as FBS and alikes. In the afternoon, they go back to the hospital to get the result and then refer it to their respective doctors. The result of their medical exams is not that good, mom and dad have high blood pressures and their sugar level is above normal. Their doctors advice them to have regular exercise, avoid fatigue, eat healthy food and go on a strict diet for their own good. Their doctors had prescribe a lot of medicines for their maintenance on high blood pressures, diabetes and diet supplement like Orovo so that everything will go back to normal as early as one week. Next Friday,will be another series of test for my parent and were hoping for the best development.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dress it up!

Dressing up is not just for humans. In fact, it is now use for automobiles like motorcycles, cars, bikes and alikes. I know a friend who has into this business and he told me that accessorizing their vehicles gave the owners a taste of fullfillement. He shared that designs and ideas comes from the customers and as an artist they just have to follow what their customers wanted to be done just like an auto body shops orange wherein it looks so hip and trendy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andrei at the Tunnel!

I find this picture so cute. My nephew Andrei is playing at the Tunnel like playground at NCCC Mall Davao City. This picture was taken  during his 4th birtday last October 12, 2008 but the night before  his big day we had a simple celebration at home. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sale.. Sale...Sale

According to my long time friend Jerry who is now staying for good in Texas, Black Friday is one of the most awaited and celebrated day in United States. He told me that he and his family is really preparing for this day not only for thanks giving but also for shopping. He shared his funny experienced, celebrating this special occasion for the first time. According to him with his excitement to avail the big sale, he ended up borrowing the credit card of his wife because his credits was totally exhausted hehehe! To date, he told me that he learned his lesson and not be that impulsive buyer anymore.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss my BFs!

Its been months since the last time I've hang-out with my BFs, you read it right BFs as in bestfriends hehehehehe... My two bessies ( Iris & Ethel) were both in Davao City. Ethel dear is happily married with dada Raul and very busy with her craft as one of the handler of SMT project under the World Vision Foundation. Bessie Iris is happily committed to Bobby and now busy preparing herself to be a call center agent soon hehehe... I miss these two gurls so much, though we have constant communication but personal bonding is incomparable. I just wish before this year ends, we can unwind together.

Timely needed!

With the global financial crisis were facing , we must be smart and practical nowadays. My best friend give me a call two days ago referring her plans to go on further study and later apply a work with her new craft. She told me that one agency is offering her a work package but I told her that she should check first the business resumes to put all things in order and rest assured it has a good reputation and could help her future venture. I am not playing evil's advocate to her but I just wanted the best for her...

Unfinished Tarpaulin Lay-out

Aside from the usual task in the office, designing tarpaulins and billboards is another special task ordered to me by the Local Chief Executive. To date, I am conceptualizing a local tarpaulin billboard for our City Mayor featuring his special infrastructure projects.  Here's my unfinished lay-out. A lot of enhancement would be needed before it will be finalized for printing but my boss already agreed the idea I am showing in here. I just hope I can finished it with a vengence hehehe...

Again.. Again.. Again

My mom keeps on reminding me to watch out my eating habit. Again and again she told me that I am not looking good anymore and I might be needing a  diet pills  so that my weight will reduce gradually. She is afraid that I might be getting bigger and bigger and fats would be damaging my heart. I feels moms concerned about me and I am very thankful for her because lately I am not really aware how big I am right now. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tarp for DA

For couple of months I was not able to play my favorite CS 2 until last week my boss requested me to prepare a design for Department of Agriculture. It took me sometime to conceptualized the tarpaulin project hence I need to collaborate it with the DA National Design. At first I am a bit hesitant of my concept because It might not fit the taste of the DA Officials and they would prefer the old one. I am just thankful because when my boss presented the design to them they like it and ordered me to go for the printing. Yesterday, I went to the Global Printing Services for the print outs and I am very happy with the output thus It looks so alive. Here's the sample of my design.. wink!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Projects made of Steel

To cope with the latest trend and architectural designs , our local government unit decided to use steel in most of its projects. Recently, a newly build steel buildings was inaugurated for the Surplus vendors located at Mega Market compound. It looks more trendy and stylish compared to other traditional buildings. Another advantage of this project is, it is more economical and program of works is 50% more faster. With the use of this innovative technology our city government can increase its projects without increasing its cost. Sounds great!

Am gaining weigth because of Stress!

Am gaining weight huhuhu... this is the sad fact that I am facing nowadays. My appetite really increase tremendously because of stress. I diverted my fatigue into habitual eating of fried, salty and sweet foods. Whoaaaaah... Imagine, I can't wear my other pants and blouses. Tsk... tsk..tsk... My mom is now scolding me because according to her I am now as huge as a whale hehehehe... I just simply replied If I'll become skinny and sexy I am not BING anymore... pasaway talaga hehehe! wink...

Friday, November 7, 2008

It works, believe me!

Early this year, one product was introduced to our family. At first, I am hesitant of the quality and the benefit it offers to the end users. My father was convince after the demonstration and he decided to purchase one. When I learned about magnetic bracelets, I was so curious about it do my own research about the health benefits its offering. I am also observing my father's body reaction while using the said product. Surprisingly, he looks fresh and healthy since using that product. After two months, I decided to purchase 3 sets, one for my mom and 2 for me hehehe.. A bracelet and an anklet. It's working believe me. Try it!

Over Loaded Again!

Whew, am overloaded again with my work. Since yesterday MBUSSP started to set up our data base management program and I am the one who entertain them hence my boss is out of town. The two day activity was so tedious in my part. I am the administrator of the whole data base program so I need to know all the commands. The program was customize according to the existing system we have from data management down to financial reporting. It was a dream come true for our management to have an Electronic- data management. Though were still on the first phase of program installation, I am very happy with the result because sooner or later I myself will be the first one who will benefiting this project. Imagine, we will be operating paperless in the Admin Section and filing would not be manually done by my staff. Next month, would be the Phase II of the program and I am very excited about it!

Maintenance Request

Wow, time is really fast and I haven't notice that how many days from now 4th quarter would be over again. Last week, I've got a call from Accounting Department to prepare all the documents in connection with our past and future purchases so that it would be obligated by the Budget Department hence, on the 15th of this month they will be closing their books. Hmmm.... another cramping weeks for me hence I need to know all the items still needed specially in our operations. I immediately called up the attention of the Section heads to submit all the items lacking in their respective section. In my Section it was already prepared ahead of time hence I obliged my staff to make an inventory every week so no hassle for that. The maintenance section requested some Harley parts for our equipments. To date preparation of the documents were on the go but 80% of our purchases were done and was already submitted to the requesting department.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Briggs Kiss & Tell

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Hi, guys, happy to inform you that I have a new blog at or simply known as Briggs Kiss and Tell. This blog is born as a remembrance from my unexpected winnings @ Lainy's birthday bash contest. I want to make it more memorable so the prices I've received was invested in this new site. The site is still on going constructions by a good friend Ivy who is one of the sponsors of the said contest. For sure the lay-out will be another a masterpiece of her hehehe... Hope to see there guys!

Wish to have it soon!

I and my family loves watching television together. Last week, I and mom decided to purchase another set for their room hence my nephew Andrei conquered the living room and we can't watch our favorite shows once he held the remote control.  If I have enough savings soon, I am planning to buy a home theater seating this time it would be set in my room hahahaha... How I wish, I could have it soon!