Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am gaining weigth because of Stress!

Am gaining weight huhuhu... this is the sad fact that I am facing nowadays. My appetite really increase tremendously because of stress. I diverted my fatigue into habitual eating of fried, salty and sweet foods. Whoaaaaah... Imagine, I can't wear my other pants and blouses. Tsk... tsk..tsk... My mom is now scolding me because according to her I am now as huge as a whale hehehehe... I just simply replied If I'll become skinny and sexy I am not BING anymore... pasaway talaga hehehe! wink...

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jessie said...


Sa tangkad mong yan pag tumaba ka pa ewan ko na lang kung ano ang magiging itsura mo. lol! Kain ka na lang ng gulay at prutas imbes na karne at carbs.