Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss my BFs!

Its been months since the last time I've hang-out with my BFs, you read it right BFs as in bestfriends hehehehehe... My two bessies ( Iris & Ethel) were both in Davao City. Ethel dear is happily married with dada Raul and very busy with her craft as one of the handler of SMT project under the World Vision Foundation. Bessie Iris is happily committed to Bobby and now busy preparing herself to be a call center agent soon hehehe... I miss these two gurls so much, though we have constant communication but personal bonding is incomparable. I just wish before this year ends, we can unwind together.

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jessie said...


nagulat ako at first look sa post mo. kala ko tuloy naging playgirl ka na. hihihi!