Friday, November 7, 2008

Maintenance Request

Wow, time is really fast and I haven't notice that how many days from now 4th quarter would be over again. Last week, I've got a call from Accounting Department to prepare all the documents in connection with our past and future purchases so that it would be obligated by the Budget Department hence, on the 15th of this month they will be closing their books. Hmmm.... another cramping weeks for me hence I need to know all the items still needed specially in our operations. I immediately called up the attention of the Section heads to submit all the items lacking in their respective section. In my Section it was already prepared ahead of time hence I obliged my staff to make an inventory every week so no hassle for that. The maintenance section requested some Harley parts for our equipments. To date preparation of the documents were on the go but 80% of our purchases were done and was already submitted to the requesting department.

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