Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UK galore!

I will not deny that I am a surplus fan. Here in our place we have a Association of UK (ukay-ukay). The city government allowed them to occupied the abandoned old terminal space. Though its not that big but, its more accessible and safer than the place they occupied before. Its been two Saturdays that I am spending almost half a day choosing different kinds of garments in that place. I was so thrilled when I was able to bought 4 sets of printed organza embroidered curtain with less than a thousand per set. Mom was so happy because its really a rare opportunity to have a good catch as what I've got. Just recently, mom and I got a chance to buy sets of bed sheet, as usual were the first one to choose in the bundle so we've got 6 pieces queen size of it with less than a thousand pesos, whew, jackpot! Some friends asked me why I patronized those things, I just simply answered them I want to be practical and spent my money wisely. wink!

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