Friday, December 12, 2008

Diet on December?

Dieting is really a big question mark on me nowadays specially holidays is here. December is time for eating and I know, a lot will agree with me here! Honestly, I've gain so much this couple of months and my mom is always nagging at me because I don't look good anymore. I know, she is just concerned with my health and I do appreciated her thoughtfulness. I told her that I will go back on strict diet again and this time am thinking of using some weight loss pills to easily discharge the fats on my body.


sweetytots said...

hi, im new to piad blogging.. can i just ask where do you get this opp? thanks..

Memory Filled
Sweety tots

briggs said...

Helo Sweetytots, thanks for dropping by at my site. I got it from PAYU2BLOG. Good luck on your blogging!