Saturday, December 13, 2008

How To Cure Candida E-books!

Two days ago, my boss approached me if I can help him buy an E-book on how to cure candida. I taught him how to buy it online but unfortunately his mastercard was not accepted after several attempts. We used another card which was owned by his sister living in US but again it was a failure and I really don't know why.

He knew that I am into blogging activities and again asked some favor if I have E-card so that we can buy an E-book. He is really interested in that book hence he was symptoms and signs of candidiasis. He was gone through a lot of medications and this time he wanted to give a natural way of healing which was included in the E-book.

In the evening of same day, I tried to purchased an E-book for him using my EON account. Wow, it was no sweat at all. In less than 3 minutes, it was already process and confirm and I can download the E-book already. When the purchase was successful, I log on my YM and timely my boss is also online. I told him the good news and he was very thankful and happy on the development. I successfully downloaded all the E-books plus 5 more bonuses with no sweat. I sent it to my boss email account immediately cause I know he is very eager to read it. The E-books was very interesting, I already finished reading only one E-book and still have 6 more to go hehehehe....

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