Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rainy December!

Its a rainy December here in Kidapawan City. No ITCZ was advice from PAG-ASA but quite alarming because since 1st day of the month rainfall is very heavy. In fact, in 3 days straight series of flash floods were reported and 2 precious lives have vanished. Today rain started pouring heavily as early as 11 in the morning non-stop till dawn. No wonder, creeks and rivers were overflowing right now. The LGU disaster unit is on red alert , yesterday they have assisted 25 families living in a near river banks hence water is started eating their place. City Social Welfare Department is also busy attending and assisting the need of our town mates. This morning the Local Chief Executive called a meeting regarding this matter and asking all departments to give help. Our office pledges dry goods and hopefully tomorrow we can give it to the CSWD!

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