Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to Have a Free Wordpress Web Hosting;Joined this Contest!

When I started blogging, I want  to have a site powered by wordpress but unfortunately I was not able to have even one because I don't know how to maximize its features.  When Master Jessie of Technology Talks inform me that he will gonna hold a  free web hosting domain for Wordpress blog, I was so excited cause I am really wanted to learned about wordpress and knowing him to sponsor this kind of contest really sounds fun because I know how supportive he is . I feel so sad when he texted me for the details  and I explained to him that I can't join  his contest cause December was the busiest month for me and I know I really can't manage to have a wordpress blog since I really need to learned more about it besides I need to report for office even on holidays.  But nevertheless, I told him that will still support him by one of the voters.

Reveiling Oneself Blog is supporting the entry of my good friend Ellaine of Lainy's Musings, I know how facinated she is to have a wordpress blog. In fact she had a tutorial lesson with Uncle Che and knowing her personality, she loves to learned and she will never stops until she reaches her goal. 

You guys can also joined this contest. Feel free to read the details below and the prices at stake for the winners of this contest.

  1. RSS Subscription
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Encourage Readers thereby earning points.
  4. Convert your readers to become contestants 
  5. Deadline for submission of entry is December 15.


  1. Blog Posting
  2. Deadline of submission of entry for voters is on December 30, 5PM.


  1. FREE Wordpress-only blog hosting for 1 year with 1500MB web space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth. Domain is not included as prize though.
  2. CASH Prizes for top 3 winners:

1st Prize: $30 (via Paypal) 

2nd Prize: $20(via Paypal) 

3rd Prize: $15(via Paypal) 

Five (5) voters shall also be chosen amongst all VOTERS which shall be randomly selected and receive $10 each (via Paypal) plus surprises.


Scotty's Princess said...


Thanks so much for the huge vote of confidence. I truly owe you one. Sana isa ka sa 5 mananalo amongs all voters, hehe!

jessie said...


Ok na tong vote mo. Checked and coutned. I'll update the contest sa dec 27 or 28 siguro.

briggs said...

Ellaine: Your always welcome, kaw pa hehehehe... Good luck sa contest sana manalo ka...

briggs said...

Master Jessie: Thanks at nakapasa heheheh!