Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How many days from now, we will say hello to 2010 and bid goodbye to 2009. Before the year ends, I already alloted some budget for my whole life insurance. This year was very tough for me but I am still lucky cause GOD is good to me all the time. 2009 will remain as the most memorable year for me. Happy New year to all!

Renewal Time!

How many days from now 2009 will bid goodbye. Time really flew so fast and I almost not notice it. Before the year ends, I am looking for the renewals of all my insurances. Yesterday, I already asked a term life insurance quotes from my agent cause I don't want to rush it early next year. I wanted to prepare all of the papers needed so that I have my peace of mind. Insurances help me a lot specially when my family got sick, thats why I don't want to take it for granted.

Happy Birthday Tita Aida

Today is the birthday of one woman whom inspired me aside from my mom of course. Its Tita Aida's natal day, she is the mother of my bessie Arvin. Though were haven't talk and seen as often as we wanted to, but deep in our heart we love each other very much. When I was in my downfall days, she was there to help and cheer me up. She inspired me of her experience and how brave she was to survive all the trials shes been into during her early years. I can say Tita Aida is a survivor despite of the hardships, failures, heartaches and mishaps on her life she remains positive and faithful to our Dear Lord. She raised her 4 wonderful kids including my best friend Arvin. Thank you tita for being my second mother. We love you very much!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catfish Project!

I am my brother wanted to venture into catfish culture project. I was inspired by this project when I learned that my office mates have tried it and the feedback is very good. Though were still in the process of negotiations as to the materials needed for catfish culture. I also consulted a DA Technician about it and he confirm that it is indeed a nice side lines hence it is not that dreadful to attend to. My father told his friend to find one rain barrels for him cause he will use it to our new project. Wish it will be realized early next year. Wish us luck!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Got a text from bessie Iris asking updates for my baby's condition. Aside from that she ask me what antivirus software I am using cause her was not working well. I advise her to visit the site of the software I am using and see if it will match with her OS. She told me a while back that she had her copy and its working very well. I am glad to hear that cause having a pirated anti virus really sucks. I remember when I was transfered at PESO, all anti virus were outdated and I immediately inform my boss so that she can request an IT to attend our needs at the office. Thanks GOD Jay the city LGU Information Technology officer was available that time and he was able to fix all of our personal computers. To date, so happy with the results cause its now fast and I am confident that my files will be virus free.

No findings still

It been 18 hours since we are admitted here in the Hospital but no findings still. My baby is doing well as hours goes by cause of her IV. This morning I have talked to her pedia and dockie just told me we need to observed her for more hours. I will talked with him again this 8 o'clock in the evening for his schedule rounds. I hope he has a good news to us cause we really wanted to go home tomorrow.


Madonna General Hospital is our favorite place to be in when we are sick. Aside from nice facilities doctors, nurses and staffs were very friendly. The last time when I was here was during my fathers admission cause of hypertension. Yesterday when my baby was admitted here, I've notice that the sink was fully improve. We are staying in PR 8 now which is much spacious than the other rooms. My mom and nephew stays with me here the whole night, so happy cause the administration allowed them to be here the whole day!


In year 2000 I was employed at Project- AIM, it is a Non- Government Organization which assist grassroots people. During my employment on the said organization, I was able to travel Mindanao and Visayas. Everytime I travel in Visayas Region, I used to lodge alone. My unforgettable lodging experience was when I was in Zamboanga, I can't sleep well unlike when I was in Cebu City which I sleep like a baby. My former boss in AIM was already in USA and he got a chance to have as orlando lodging which according to him he has a lot of fun.


We are still here in Madonna General Hospital. I have talk with my baby's pedia and he told me that Andrea must still stay for more observation. My baby is doing fine now unlike yesterday that she vomited for several times. Though she defecate for several times yet she is very active unlike yesterday. Hope she will be very fine soon cause this coming Saturday she will be attending our church Year End Thanks Giving for the children. I know GOD is good always and HE will grant my prayers.


Known a lot of friends who use slimming pills as their supplement during their diets. In fact I am one of those who tried using such during my diet program. To date, my doctor have advice me to lessen my intakes hence I loose some pounds already. She told me that I need to rest my body for 3 months then have another set of supplements again. Of course, my dockie knows best so I must abide.

Frustrated player!

I am a table tennis frustrated player, I tried several attempts playing pingpong yet its not really my game. My youngest brother knows how to played this game. In fact during his High School graduation my father gave him ping pong tables as a gift. Everytime I saw my friends playing pingpong, I can't help my self but sigh, wish I know how to played it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Theres always a First Time!

I was awake by a sudden cry of my baby at 3 am in the morning. She had vomited several times which really makes me very worried. It was a sleepless dawn for me. We had attended the church service with my parents with my baby and then ask for annotation of oil for Andrea for her immediate recovery. My mother called her pedia immediately and scheduled for an appointment. As early as 8:00 in the morning we are at the clinic but the doctor Vargas arrived exactly 10 o'clock. After minutes of check-up, he advised me to admit Andrea to avoid dehydration. Of course we follow his advice and ready ourselves for admission at Madonna General Hospital. As of this moment my baby was still in her IV. I am really praying that she will be fine very soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Very Lucky!

Ever since I learned about survivor series, I am an avid fan of it. Here in the Philippines, we already have two series which have shown in primetime television. The first was held in Indonesia and the recent series was in Palau. Survivor contestants became famous here in my country, just like JC who was the first survivor winner got a lot of shows. Last season though Rob was not declared as a winner but he got a condo as a price during their immunity face off. The condo was fully furnish just like myrtle beach condos which has complete amenities. Very lucky indeed!

Wonderful Gift!

My two best friends celebrated their 30th birthdays this month of December. Arvin had his simple celebration last December 2 and Bessie Iris last December 6. I wasn't able to attend their parties cause they celebrated it in Davao City. Anyways, I know they had fun even without me hehehehe... I just had my simple wish to the both of them and send them a Personalized Jewelry
as my simple token. Many more birthdays dears...Love you both!

Happy Birhtday Bessie Arvin!

Got 3 best friends and one of them is Bessie Arvin. He is now celebrating his 30th birthday today December 4, 2009. I don't know if he will had a celebration hence he is very busy working in the hospital. I guess birthday leave is not in his vocabulary, lol! Love you bessie, wish you more birthdays to come, good health and wish before the year ends to will have your lovelife already hehehehe....

I love this game!

I love this game, sound familiar huh... I am not talking about NBA anyways. What I am referring is that my addiction to Farm Town game. I can say that I am now one of the million PRO gamers after months of playing non-stop! I am really taking a lot of effort playing specially in decorating my farm. Llast month during the Black Friday celebration or known as the thanks giving day I have bought 6 tables of decoration for that special event. Friends tease me cause of that and I just answered back you're all invited to my party hehehehhe!


Four months since I was reassign to PESO, yesterday got a chance to see my former staff at the city hall. I can't believe how thin she is now, I almost can't recognize her. I asked her secret cause she looks great, she told me that she had try different diet program and with the help of adipex diet pill she got her wonderful figure. I was really amaze, so happy for her!

Super big baby!

Last Friday, we had visited Ethel dear and baby Enzo. That was 1 month after I saw them both after delivery. Time is really running fast cause baby Enzo is super big na! His features has change a lot from Ethels face in day one to Dada Raul's features in his one month old birthday. This little nephew of mine is very adorable, you can see it in the picture anyways hehehehe.... I know it will be sometime to see them both cause they have move to Davao already last Monday. See yah soon baby, mommy Bing and Ate Ea will surely missed you and momsie Ethel. Love you both!

Monday, November 23, 2009

He got a new job!

My long time friend July got a new job. He was the former sales manager of UBIX corporation but now he is into textbooks business. Last Wednesday her sister bessie Iris text me that he accompany his brother in Cagayan de Oro City for a business trip. I asked bessie if July's company had some sell textbooks for elementary pupils hence I am interested to have some for my nephew and nieces.

Call center!

Five years ago, I have tried applying this kind of job. I have pass the first and second interview but I decided not to sign the contract because of health problems. I've known a lot of friends working for call center services and happy to say they are now handling higher positions. I can say that they really find their crafts, I wish we can be together again during their day offs.

Into Addiction!

Its been two months since I am playing Farm Town. Last week I step into level 34 which is the highest when they have not upgraded yet. Last Saturday, I received an email from them informing me that they have upgraded new features. When I check my status am into level 41, wow I am very excited about it cause its getting more interesting. Blog it again later.... see yah!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Timer!

My dear nephew Andrei was chosen to represent their School to the first ever Pre-School Day Quiz Bee held last November 10, 2009 sponsored by Kidapawan City Private School Association. His was the contestant of Central Mindanao Colleges in Science subject, Kinder II category. Our preparation for the contest was only less than 4 days cause we were told last minute of Friday. Anyways, out of 10 schools participated he rank 4th, not bad at all hence he is the youngest among the contestant. He just turn 5 years old last October and its his first time to attend formal school. More than half of the question was not yet tackled on their class yet he manage to answer 80% of it.We are very proud of you Kuya, we love you so much!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Result!

Lately, Mr. migraine hits me again. It was really painful compared with other attacks. I really wanted to cry every time I felt the ticks on my nerves. My sleeping habit is also affected, that resulted a dark circles under eye which pissed me off. I was really hated how I look today, I felt am a living zombie walking under the heat of the sun hehehehe!

Good for me!

Just an update for my diet regimen. Got another visit with my doctor yesterday for my regular check up and of course the use of my fat burner diet supplements. She told me that I am in good shape and advice to continue my diet program. Lately, I was a bit worried cause my hands are cramping again which is a sign of high sugar. Just so happy that the result of my laboratory is normal, Thanks God!

My favorite!

This is my online friend Mr. and Mrs. Pitts. This picture was taken during their church wedding. I love blogging about this couple because they are very nice. Carm's is one of my favorite subject in terms of lenses. She is a person with no angle at all. All of her shot is adorable. The camera really loves her!

Good luck Bessie!

Bessie Iris got a new house in lot in DECA Homes Club House in Davao City. According to her, this is her gift to herself after successfully tagged as an agent of one of the top franchises in the world of realty. So happy for my best friend, she got a long way to prove herself in the field she had chosen. Yesterday, she told me that the blessing of her new house will be schedule on December 7, timely for her 30th birthday celebration. Congrats dear, so proud of you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Advantage

At first I don't know what does of Blue Advantage mean? Got a research on it and I found out its all about having a health plans. I personally believe that investing through plans specifically health is indeed worthy. Just like in my case, this year I was hospitalized for 15 days . My two health insurance has of great help. Though I have still an excess but its very minimal, so thankful about it cause it doesn't bother my family in term of financial assistance.

The ATE in ME!

My figure as an Ate always remains on me. Even though I committed one big wrong decision in my life that hurt my family, my friends and some of my colleagues. I am still thankful that the respect is still there. Despite of the mishap I've done with my life, they are still there for me. I am so bless to have them in my life. The attitude and love still remains and they are still counting on me for advices. I still don't know what's in me though my close friends tell me that I do posses an attitude of being a good ate.

Mama's secret!

Mama celebrated her 60th birthday last October 1, 2009! A lot says that mama looks younger than her age which is very flattering in her part! I can attest to that cause some of her friends with same age looks older than her. Mama has no secret at all, she just use wrinkle cream everyday to stay fresh and young. It really works for her.


In buying any products, I may say that am a bit picky specially with the quality of materials used. I always prefer manufactured homes garments hence I am sure that it pass the Q Standards. This coming month my father will be celebrating it 63rd birthday and were planning to give him a customize rocking chair which I am sure he will surely love it.

Basketball for a Cause!

The Kidapawan City Market Vendors Association spearheaded a project called Basketball for a Cause featuring the shining stars of show business. The proceeds of the said project will be donated to the street children of Kidapawan City. It will held at the City gym today at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon. The guest stars is headed by a top caliber actors like Christopher de Leon, and Philip Salvador. The event will also participated by Joko Diaz, Patrick dela Rosa , Paul Apaceble, Jordan Herrera, Carlos Morales, JC Montero , Gene Padilla and recently concluded FAMAS 2009 Best Actor Allen Dizon. For sure this event will become blockbuster tonight!

I hate my face!

I really hate how I look right now, I noticed that am having a lot of small pimples lately. I better had an acne treatment right away so that I can immediately rid out of this things on my skin. It really pissed me off, grrr! I wish after few application of the cream my face will look brighter again! Hoping for the best!


It's been three months since Uncle Vic had past away because of cardiac arrest. Auntie Lynn pay us a visit last Saturday with his grandson Alec Dave. She told my mom that she is still processing the claims of his husband till now and positively hoping that she can get in before the month ends. The couple tend to invest for their future during their younger years that includes social security disability, health, accident and death plans!

On his way out!

"Dear please help me pray for safe and normal delivery. Naglalabor na ako dito sa Kidapawan Doctors Hospital. Sakit na masyado tummy ko!" This is the exact words that Ethel dear text me at exactly 10:50 in the morning! She is now on labor room and I am praying for her safe delivery with baby Enzo. The whole family is in the hospital right now to show their love and morale support to Ethel Vera. I told Dada Raul to text me right away if Ethel gave birth already so that I can visit them asap! Be strong dear....


Since the usb drive have out in the market, I became a big fan of it! In fact, I have four of them from as low as 256 megabytes down to my 4 gigabytes capacity. Am so happy to say its still usable till now. A lot of usb is now sprouting in the market and the price is very cheap but I still prefer to buy a Branded usb drive hence it is more durable and the cost is very affordable. In fact am planning to upgrade my 4gb to 16 this December so that I can store a lot of pictures on it!

Very nice!

Last October 15,16 & 17 one of the biggest super mall in Davao City conduct a 3 day sale. My brother got a chance to shop during that days and he availed a lot of discount on his purchases. Little bro bought papa and mama a body wash. A fruity gel bath for me and bubble bath for his son. Andrei loves to take a bath everyday hence he enjoyed playing the good smelling bubbles and walk in bath with his cousins!

Sem break!

Yepeey, its vacation time, this what my nephew and nieces shouted last Friday after they second grading examination. The three of them will spend their vacation at our home in Kalasuyan. My mama and papa are also very excited about this cause they really wanting that their grand children will be with them all the time. The joy they felt is unmeasurable. My mom already did her grocery last Friday so that the kids have their consumables for the entire vacation. How lucky they are!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What a question!

My bessie Iris now venture to realty. She had attended a seminar last Wednesday and now she is a full time agent. She shared to me that one of her colleague asked what is term life insurance which refers to the benefits they will be getting from the company aside from the commission. She candidly told me, she was surprise of the delivery of the question and she cant stop herself laughing!

I must open it!

Last week, my youngest brother upgrade his cellphone. He bought it online and it was an unlocked phone which is very advantageous to him cause he need not to pay extra penny for opening it! My dear bro maintained three sim cards, 1 for smart and 2 for sun network. The new cell he bought was a dual phone. According to him the performance is very satisfactory and the price is not that bad...

Farm Town Addicts!

Yes, am guilty your honor! I can consider my self as a farm town addict hehehehe... Its been more than a months since I started this game and still now am hook unto it. I am now on my 30th level and still working hard to reach level 34 so that I can buy my mansion house lol! What I like most on this game is its not a time consuming game, I speak for myself here cause I know somebody spend almost 12 hours playing it non-stop. Know what? my boss and I were neighbors hahahaha! In Farm town you can use your creativity from lay-outing down to designing your farm lot. In my case, am still planning to redecorate my Ea's little haven. I wish I can reach the level 34 so that I can design it permanently!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Papa's collection!

My father loves collecting Industrial parts specially the one which is very useful to him. My mother called his attention one day because our spring plungers is missing. Papa forgot to tell mama that my eldest brother borrowed it. Mom asked me to text Kuya to bring the plungers back cause she needs it. Bro replied positively and told me he will bring it back this weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My bessie Iris got a good news today her gall bladder stone has lessen, am so happy about this development cause am really praying for the health of my dear sister. She told me that the best colon cleanser, she uses helped a lot on her cleansing diet. Her doctor advise her to continue used the said product hence it has positive effect on her...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Bonding!

Am so glad that our parents raise me and my siblings very close. We treated each other as friends. One of our bonding is adventure. In fact the three of us, climb the peak of Mt. Apo together. Lately, our interest has change we like playing online games and we have our new recruit aside from my nephew Andrei and two nieces Alxia and Aleighx, our father join us hehehehe!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Ace!

We learned that the ACE hardware, Kidapawan city branch will be targeting its soft opening before the year ends. This development is indeed a big achievement for the city hence despite of the global crisis, investment in the city still rises. My father is a big fan of ACE, I can say this because everytime we went to Davao City he never fails to visit the store. Why not, cause this is a one stop hardware and it offers a wide array of materials including Kohler faucets and others. We in PESO is now waiting for the job order from the company cause a lot of job seekers are now asking for the job opportunity from this prestigious hardware!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hoping for the Best!

This is the cover I made for Kuya Buoy. We received a communication from OWWA National Office yesterday, informing us that the awarding ceremony of Model OFW Family of the Year Award 2009 will be on 3rd week of November. We already inform the family of our contender and they are very excited about it. Reaching the National Level is enough for them but of course we are hoping for the best.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Ea is crawling!

My baby Ea is now on her 7th month and she is now starting to crawl. We are very happy about her fast development. I and my mom is now planning to bought new sets of mattresses for her to use everyday. I told my brother to canvass it at Davao City hence selection is much wider compared her in our place.

The gift!

Last October 12, my dear nephew Andrei celebrated his 5th birthday at the school. He had fun eating spaghetti with his classmates. After his class, I got another surprise for him! I brought him the the NOVO store and let him choose the gift he wants. He is very excited when he saw the truck accessories of bob the builder toys and told me " tita I want that"...I smiled and say ok dear he hug me and kiss me after saying thank you tita! so sweet!

False Alarm!

My bessie Ethel is now in its 38th weeks of pregnancy. This morning she felt pain on her tummy and seem like she is laboring. She have texted me about this and I told her she needs to observed the interval of contraction cause its one of the sign of laboring. When she told it to his daddy and hubby they bit on over reaction and they immediately bring Ethel dear to the hospital. Timely that her OB-GYNE is there and perform some IE. Her OB told them that Ethel is on pre matured laboring and and IE result is just 2cm. After learning the result she visited me here in the office and have funny chit-chats... Were too excited for baby Enzo to be born soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trimming Down

So happy with the result of my diet regimen. After a month of constant monitoring and strict but healthy diet am now losing my belly fat, wow so glad with this development. Thank you so much dockie for the advice and constant monitoring. See you again next month and hoping for more pound to lost hehehehe!


Thanks to my dockie, finally I lost some pounds after a month of taking the weight loss pills she had prescribe to me. I am very happy with this development though I need to use it gradually cause of my health. She advice me to keep my diet healthy and never abuse it. Don't worry dockie, am a good patient and am taking your advice very seriously!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The cake!

This is the wedding cake of my good online friend Mary Pitts. Yup it is very unique, it is as huge as my favorite pillow hahahaha. I love it, am sure it taste good! This is the second time they got married, the first time they tie a knot with his gorgeous man was in Cyprus last year!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaving for Good!

Last Thursday, got a chance to talk with my colleagues at KCITS. So happy when they visited me here at PESO office. We have never ending chit chats, as if were not seeing each other for quite sometime. They have mentioned that Jenny had tender her resignation effective last month because she will be getting married and plan to have their honeymoon to of the destin vacation rentals in Florida as a gift of his father and mother in-law to be. They told me that she was very excited because her dream is coming true. Best wishes Jen, till we meet again!


After the wrath of hurricane Ondoy, a lot of our countrymen are now joining hand in hand to help the victims of the said hurricane who leaves an unforgettable mark to the lives of many Filipinos. Some affected areas are now starting cleaning and fixing their houses while others are still waiting the water to go down on their respective premises. The MMDA is providing heavy equipments like rv towing trucks, fire trucks and pay loaders to help clear the areas affected.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Very Proud for Andrei!

We are very proud of my nephew's achievement! His teacher talk to my mom about his exemplary performance at school. Andrei made to the top 10 and we are not expecting it. He is only turning 5 this October 12 and it is his first formal school attendance. Andrei is now joining the class of Kinder II at CMC. Awarding of certificates will be on October 1, 2009 right after the flag raising ceremony. Keep it up Andrei, we are very proud of you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

December is coming!

Less than a hundred days, the most awaited vacation time is nearly coming soon! I emailed my cousin living in New York, asking if they will be coming home for Christmas break. This morning I already had her response and I've learned his husband already book to New Orleans motels for their travel on second week of December. Ate Angging added, they will be going home for sure March of next year with my Tita Baby during, timely for Pao's graduation!

Just in Time!

Thanks GOD! We've make it, we already finished the video documentary of Region XII's sea-based category contender for Model OFW Family of the Year Award, around 2 o'clock in the morning! I go home around 2:15 but I need to go back to Zoomers Editing House at 7 am to get all the DVD copy cause Kuya Buoy Gallegos, the contender needs to bring the his entry to OWWA 12 at Koronadal City before 12 noon. Working with his entry is another challenging work for me hence after 3 long years I was able to make a video presentation again. I am just very thankful because we met the deadline given to us by OWWA 12. Another buzzer beater for me hehehe...

Canada's Finest!

So happy cause after several months of leaving messages to my loving Tita Baby, she finally go online last Tuesday. We have fun chatting and updating regarding ourlives. We missed her very much. If you want to see my tita's face, just try to look at Vilma Santos pictures, thats how beautiful she is. Tita told me that they will be planning to go home next year, their baggage will be ship 6 months advance including the bell tv that Tito Red promise to my dear Granny cause she keeps on complaining that she wanted to have a flat tv on her room. Sossy!

I wish... I wish!

This is the latest photo of Kiks and Baby Leeyah... Kiks looks so skinny after 7 months of giving birth to this beautiful angel. I remember when Kiks posted this pics on her facebook, a friend ask her what is her secret of losing weight so fast, did she use the best weight loss pill in town? She replied... breastfeeding and exercise my friend"! Few words but powerful hehehe

The father and son tandem!

This is the latest picture of my brother Aris and nephew Andrei . I took this 2 weeks ago when the whole family had a bonding moment at Kidapawan City Plaza. Andrei looks so demure here hehehehe... unlike his papa Aris who give it's 100% close up smile LOL!

Acne Free!

Before her wedding day, Jojo is complaining bout her face. With so much stress during the wedding preparation she got a lot of pimples but thanks to Acneticin because she is now have a flawless skin. She uses this product two weeks before her wedding day and look what she's got! Olah.... very beautiful!


Aside from being a gadget freak, my brother is also in shoe addiction! He wanted to collect different kind of shoes like Adidas, Nike, Fila, Dr. martins and Clarks shoes. This hobby started when he was still in college. I observed that his son Andrei, goes the same way... hmmmm life father like son hehehe!

Monday, September 14, 2009

For their Kids!

If you have noticed, I am not updating my blog for almost a week now... its because I am busy making the entry of Kuya Buoy for the Model OFW Family of the Year Award for the National Level. While I am preparing the documents I notice that the 5 of them have a life insurance policy. I told ate Dang about it and she laugh.. she told me that his husband Buoy really prepares it for them. Hmmm... very responsible and loving head of the family! hehehehe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maging In Ka Naman!

Most of my friends are now Facebook wannabee's! A monthe ago a friend texted me if I have an account on the said networking site and I told her, no I dont have... She teased me saying " Hey gurl, maging Inn ka naman"! I just replied ok, i'll sign up if am not busy anymore! With my curiousity I get one and now am enjoying the feature though I have to explore more cause, am telling you " ignorante pa ko hehehehe"! Last week while I am online, she told me " accept mo request ko para neighbor tayo sa farmtown! Again, I ask her ano yon hahhahhaha.... she told me, you don't know that....? I replied sorry gurl I told you, di ako in! She taught me how to get one and now meron na but........... hehehehe... wala'y tanom! sigh

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I want a Pet!

When my nephew Andrei started his schooling, Mama and I stood as his personal tutors. Last night while were reviewing about different animals and pet supplies , out of nowhere he ask me a question and it goes this way " Tita, how can a giraff help us?" I was shock with his line of questioning.... I just smiled and thrown back the question to him and observed how he will reason out hehehehe... After telling him, I hug him and told him you're so smart!

It works!

In my one month stay here at Publice Employment Service Office, I've learned a lot about employment recruitment. I am amaze that Phil-Job Net of Department of Labor and Employment really works. My boss told me that last year they will be able to employ numbers of Domestic to Hong Kong through this site. The agency representative in HK interviewed the applicant through live chat video conferencing. Yesterday, another batch of applicants was screen and they are plannint to do the same.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Next month the Admin Section of the Cotabato Provincial Hospital will be travelling to Boracay as part of their Lakbay Aral. They are all very excited about this development. My sister in law is one of them. The group will be divided into 1st and second batch. Not all doctors cannot avail this travel specifically Dra. Filipinas hence she has a medical travel in relation with his specialization as an OB-GYN. The last time I talked with her she told me that she will just asked a vacation in replace of the said opportunity.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maraming Salamat po, KA ERDY!

My whole family is one of the lucky brethren who got a chance to met Bro. EraƱo " Ka Erdy" G. Manalo. That experience is one of the most treasured moment of our lives. The first time I saw and touch the hand of Ka Erdy was during my Elementary days. During early 80's my family always travel to Manila to visit my lola and relatives who lives in Caloocan City. Our stay in Manila will not be complete if we will not be able to visit the Central Office to see Ka Erdy every Balikbayan Day. I can still remember that our reunion will start with attending a worship service at the Central Temple before proceeding to another activity. Ka Erdy, is one of the most humane person I've ever met in my life. He is a great Spiritual leader. He has a great influence not only to the whole Church but to the nation as well.

The last time I saw and shake the hand of Ka Erdy was in 1994 when he lead the worship service at Locale of Caloocan. Fifteen long years had past but I can freshly remember that I cut classes so that I will be able to attend the Special Worship Service. The worship service that time was schedule at 6 pm but I was in the church as early as 3pm, thats how excited I am but mind you I almost not able to enter the church compound cause a lot of brethren was flocking as early as 8 in the morning according to the guard. The overflowing crowd never stops me to enter the church. Though, no more seat for me inside the Church but being inside alone is enough for me. That is one of the most unforgettable worship service of my life, I can't hardly breath because my heart is full of joy. The tears in my eyes shows how lucky I am to be a member of the Church of Christ.

Last August 31, 2009 at around 3:53 pm. Ka Erdy was rested by GOD at the age of 84. When my family learned it, our tears flow because of so much sadness. The whole church is mourning of his death. We know Ka Erdy is a big lost to our lives but we believe GOD will continue to shower his blessings and guide the whole church through Ka Eduardo V. Manalo. Ka Erdy Maraming Salamat po sa pagmamahal, pagmamalasakit, patnubay at pangunguna sa buong IGLESIA. Ang alala po ninyo ay mananatiling buhay sa aming mga puso at patuloy po kaming maglilingkod at itataguyod namin ang aming pananampalataya sa ating AMA. Muli, MARAMING SALAMAT PO, KA ERDY! MAHAL NA MAHAL NAMIN KAYO!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel and Work

Got a chance to work with Non-Government Organization(NGO) years ago. I enjoyed my work when I was in Project-Aim, aside from good compensation I also have a chance to travel while I am working. Our director Kuya Rey have a chance travel abroad particularly in European countries. This time the DKA partner will sponsor his trip to USA and he is very excited about it cause its his first time to travel in US territory. They will be touring all around Chicago, California and they will be staying at Florida for 2 weeks before going to New York. Kuya Rey will now experience the orlando vacations yepey... so happy for him.

MOFYA Awardee

This is the plague of Kuya Bouy Gallegos, when he won the outstanding achievement award sea based OFW Regional Level . His entry for the National Level was already submitted and evaluated last August17, 2009 at Koronadal City. We are very optomistic that Kuya Bouy can bagged the award again... I will surely blog about this soon!


Got a text from my former boss that he just received his US visa and thanking me for helping him pray for it. I am glad he has it now cause Kuya Rey waited it for 3 long years. Yup, that how patient he is in waiting for his US visa. Well, his waiting is worth waiting for cause the US government granted him a multiple entry, great! Kuya will be staying in California and it would be possible for him to experience the Vegas vacations hence his sister Ate Lulu promised him a tour package once he step on Uncle Sam's land. Good luck, Kuya Rey so happy for you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tatakbo ka ba?

I've seen the commercial flix of GMA-7 for TATAKBO KA BA? A lot of politicians and personalities was involve. At first, I thought it was all about politics and I told to myself |" its too early to talk about 2010 election". As the commercial continous, I've learn it is all about TATAKBO KA BA, FUN RUN in connection with the documentary segment of the station for 2010 ELEKSYON NA, TATAKBO KA BA? HAMON PARA SA KAAYUSAN NG PILIPINAS. I was amaze of the idea of this program and I'm sure it will be another milestone for the GMA public affairs program. Yesterday, I visited the website of the station and so excited to download the official entry form as if I am joining the contest hehehehe.... Anyways, just wanted to have a copy for myself for a souvenir cause in a day or two after the event it would not be possible to download it anymore. Please read the details below for the schedule!

When: August 30, 2009
Time: 5:30 a.m.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Registration fee: P250.00
Distances: 5k/10k
Registration begins on August 3, Monday – Sunday at the GMA Network Center, Timog Entrance

Vacation of your life!

Holiday season is coming up soon specially now that Ber months is moving fast. I myself loves to spent vacation with my whole family and I am looking forward to have one before the year ends. If I just have enough money, I want to experience the Branson vacations packages that offers once in life time experience. I am really wishing for this to happen soon! wink..

Taking it Easy!

I am now preparing myself for my diet regimen as prescribed by my doctor. I know it would be tough for me to do this but with determination I know I can do it! I really wanted to ge through with my excessive fats and I know with the fat burning program that is prepared for me, it will be very possible. For now, I am taking it easy so that my metabolism will slowly adjust with the changes.

The Promise!

Seen this pictures this morning when I am browsing the net. This pictures where taken from my friends online wedding albums. I feel attracted with it, so I decided to make a post using this materials. This bible and ring photo is from Cha and Jojo's wedding. They got married last May 9, 2009 here in Kidapawan city. To date,Cha is already 2 months on the way and the couple were both very excited about this new chapter of their lives.

The other photo is came from Lermz and Andy wedding album. I know Lermz will be surprise when she will be seing this hehehehe... I just can't stop my self admiring the love of this couple. I haven't ventured their love story from the start but the time I knew both of them, their story is very inspiring. I was able to attend their wedding at General Santos City last February 16, 2008. That was also the first time I met Lermz and Andy. For short, their wedding day was our Eyeball day.

Package for my Boss!

Last Friday, while we are having our snacks. A mailman came to the office and look for our Boss. Since Ate Ming was still eating that time, Mr. Postman hand-in to me the package notice. I immediately gave it to my boss. She is very happy reading the content of the notice: Note: Notebook in the package (Sony Vaio inside). The office is just a hundred meter away from the post office so, she immediately get the package. When she came back her smile is endless, she told us it came from an OFW from HONGKONG whom she help 2 years ago.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Supplement Helps!

After got sick and hospitalized for 15 days 5 months ago, my doctor advice me to take food supplements.I know how important supplements is to our body like hgh specially nowadays that pollutants is everywhere. My doctor advice me that all medications should be according to his guidance. Well, I am a good patient thats why I followed all his orders. To date, I am taking 4 supplements for myself including vitamins C, E, D and B complex.

1st Accomplishement!

In less than two weeks of my stay here at PESO, I am happy to say that I already had my 1st accomplishment. I already finished a documentary of Mr. Gazello Gallegos for his achievement as an Overseas Filipino Worker for 21 years. Kuya Bouy as I called him is only 43 years old. He already won the Most Outstanding OFW Family Award 2009 in the provincial and regional level awarded last July of this year. I helped his family to package his entry for the National level and last Monday it was evaluated by the panelist at Koronadal City. We are hoping for the best result of our entry. My boss told me that during her presentation of the documentary the panelist were all impressed, in fact they had received several applauses specially in the ending part of the presentation. Hmmm.... I am very happy when I've heard it, the hardwork and sleepless nights in packing the entry is worth compensatable. Were looking forward for the big announcement at the end of this month. Wish us luck guys!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He is coming!

Super Bob is coming, he is the honey of my other bessie Ember. As early as now, they already have their iterinary where to go to cause Super Bob will just stay for less than a month. This morning Ember texted me that she will be going to her dentist for prophylaxis and she is very happy cause she had a dental discounts for that activity. I tease her about her excitement on Super Bob's coming but she just responded me a crisp loud laugh... hehehehe, naughty sister!

Monday, August 17, 2009

In Preparation!

Ethel dear and Dada Raul is now busy shopping for the things needed of their baby boy. When my bessie Ethel was in SM city, she texted me that they are now on the swing sets section of the department store. They are scouting for strollers, cribs and swing bumper for baby boy. She is very excited about the things they are buying for the baby. Every aspect they wanted to take into, she is happily sharing it with me which I am really grateful.

Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Dimentional viewing!

This is the baby picture of my best friend Ethel who is on her 29 weeks of pregnancy. She text me last Monday night and sent me the 4 dimension ultra sound of his baby Boy. I know my sister dear and his hubby is very happy cause baby boy is very healthy. I am very amaze of the technology nowadays...it really made wonders hehehe... Ethel and RAul is now very busy buying things for their upcoming baby.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Andrei's Swimming Pool!

I've noticed lately that my nephew Andrei loves to swim. He always asked permission to my dad to go to a nearby swimming pool. At the age of 4 he wanted to learn how to swim properly, I told my youngest brother about it and he replied he is planning to buy a kiddie pool for his son. I myself is very excited for that development and wish that it has a spa filters just like a standard pool. My brother told me that it will be his birthday gift to Andrei this coming October.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am now at PESO!

Effective today, I am now reporting to Peso office. Got instruction from the City HRMO last Monday. My transfer was a bit abrupt but as a good soldier I need to comply before I will complain. I was task with a new assignment not because I didn't perform well at KCITS but PESO office needs my service. I felt a heavy heart leaving my previous workplace cause 3 years is not joke. We are the one who started the operation way back 2006, I and my Engr. EHL started KCITS operation without a single paper at the office but in less than 2 years we already established a system of the entire operation and completed all the equipments needed. Anyways, I felt like a turtle thrown to a river cause in my new assignment I felt less pressure and lesser responsibilities. I will blog for more soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The only jewelry that I never taken off is my earrings. Among my collections, the pearl jewelry set from my mom was my favorite. Aside from the lovely design and purity of the pearl the thought that it was given by mom makes it more special. I also have other pearl collections from my friends who travelled in Cebu, Palawan, Camiguin, Boracay and Puerto Gallera. I love it all cause its very authentic!

Happy 95th Anniversary!

Yesterday the whole church celebrated its 95th Anniversary. To GOD be the Glory, our celebration was very successful. God granted a nice weather despite the weather bureau declared it will be gloomy and rainy througout the day. Our celebration was very peaceful and blessed. Happy Anniversary to all INC brethren all over the world. A good friend and sister in Christ Lainy had posted the same event in more detailed manner. Please feel free to visit and read her blog about our Celebration!

At last!

Two years ago I personally applied the internet and telephone connections for KCITS. I had a speedy application process with the help of my friend Leigh who is working as Marketing Assistant on Metrophone company. I had the telephone connection within 24 hours but need to wait the free directories including the yellow pages cause the company was updating by that time. Our internet connection took 3 days before it was installed hence, the technician in charge was on leave. The waiting is worthy anyways thus, we are satisfied with the performance and speed of the net connections!

On Search

For now I am on search of the best diet pills which I can be used soon. I will be waiting 2 more months before I will be allowed to do my diet again because of my operation. I cant wait to trim down my weight again, so excited to wear my old pair of jeans and blouses hehehehe. Anyways, time flew so fast so I'll just close my eyes and wish that if I'll open it 2 months will be over!

beeeeeeeeeee C meh!

Been out for almost a week, been very busy at work and at home! Were still on the process of transferring out things to our new home. I took a leave at work for 3 days to help my family but the time is still not enough. I wish I can have more rest days hehehehe... or the President will declare more holidays hmmmm.... I know it is next to impossible but who knows hences Pres. Arroyo is good in making holidays, peace!wink

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally, after 3 days our light fixtures is now installed to our new home. The installation was quite delayed hence my brother need to buy another set of wire to a light fixture store at a nearby city. His fellow electrician help him fix all the wires and bulbs and alikes. We are very happy for the result it was very nice!

5 Days more to go!

The wait is over in 5 days time we will be transferring to our new humble home! I love our new house though is is just small and simple but the essense of having our own makes me feel good. A lot of development will be coming soon though but were just taking one step at a time. We are also planning to insured the house thats why my brother is now on the process of scouting an insurance quote. Anyways, the whole family is very excited for our transfer. We can't wait 5 more days to go hehehe..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grown up!

Time really flew so fast, it seems it was just yesterday that I held him on my hands and sang him a lulluby everytime he sleeps. This picture was taken last Saturday before attending the mid-year Thanks giving . Andrei my only nephew will turn 5 this coming October.

Monday, July 6, 2009

We will miss you Uncle Vic!

Last Saturday, our neighbor Ate Felma informed us that Uncle Vic had a stroke and unluckily he did not survive. Uncle Vic was my papa's best friend, they are great buddies since they were still young untill the last minute of his life. Itik, was the name given by my father to uncle hence according to him uncle was like a duck if he talks. We will be missing uncle Vic for sure, his silly jokes, his advices and his company. The body of uncle lays at Cotabato City and will be transfered at Buayan, Mlang, North Cotabato. Kuya Junior his eldest son was tasked to arrange all the needs for his dad including the papers of uncle Vic's insurances. Kuya told us that one of his dad's term life insurance had not matured yet but the family decided to waive the right t so that they can use the money for the funeral of Uncle Vic. Interment service will be schedule when Eugene his youngest son arrives on Thursday!

Photo Hunt!

Am in the mood of photo hunt and am so lucky I found this picture in Gretz Friendster album. This picture was taken 2 years ago during Kidapawan City Timpupo Fruit Festival. We are the 3's Marias during our CPDC days. My bessie Ethel in the middle is now working with the World Vision International while Gretz dear is now happily working at Dubai, UAE and yours truly is still connected at LGU-Kidapawan City.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Missing the Old days!

Last Tuesday, the Local Chief Executive called an emergency meeting at first hour in the morning. The three of us in the Admin Office attended the said meeting. As expected the meeting was a bit delayed cause we waited some officers. While waiting, I was able to chat with my other colleagues at Planning Department, we reminisce those days when we are still together working in one roof. Sad to say since I was trasferred at the ITS, I seldom see them. I miss chatting with them specially sharing our tips on how to lost weight by using a diet pills, working out in the gymn, playing badminton and doing aerobics exercise every 3 o'clock during Friday sports session. I miss those days.


This is the Legenda Map. I took this picture last October when I attended an MBUSSP seminar at Subic Freeport, Olongapo City. We stayed at Legenda Hotel and Casino for 2 nights and 3 days. The hotel's setting is not the same as other hotels hence I've learned that Legenda was the former office of US Military Men at the Freeport. The management converted the whole building into a hotel and to accomodate all the tourist visiting the Freeport. When I first saw the hotel I thought it is not that big but when I saw the map, it conquers more than 2 blocks of the entire stretch inside the freeport. Sad to say I can't share some of the photos I've taken cause my USB is infected with virus. sigh!

Infra Development

One of the major trust of the Local Chief Executivein our city is the Infrastructure Development. He is an engineer by profession so no wonder he has a big passion on constructing steel buildings, bridges, roads and water systems. His latest achievement was the asphalting of one of the major road going to the Integrated Transport Station. I've learned that, a lot of project was still on the list to be realized this year. Hmmm... am excited cause it means our city is really improving!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miss you Gretz!

I miss my buddy Gretz, she is one of my closest pal during our Special Technical Division days. Our ways parted two years ago when I was assigned to act as Admin In-Charge at the Overland Terminal and she decided to resign on her work and goes to Dubai. Last December, she came home but since her stay only lasted for two weeks I haven't seen her. We just exchange text messages and inform me where to get my pasalubong, wink! To date, she is still working at Dubai as Administrative Assistant, she told me she is enjoying her work and of course she is well compensated. Next month, she will be attending a seminar at a nearby city, she is very excited cause they will be house at a very nice hotel. As she describe it to me, the hotel is as beautiful as Sahara hotel which her boss used to play casino. She promised to take a lot of photos so that she can share the beauty of the place.

Bump It...

Bump cars, is one hobby that my youngest brother can't get off. Every time we have a chance to visit Davao city, Bump Car Station at SM city will be on our list of destination. He used to convinced me to try riding on it but I refuse cause I don't know how to operate the car. My nieces and nephew enjoyed riding it specially when their dad used to collide the cars. A lot of teenagers are addicted to it. If you're planning to visit SM bump car station on Friday be sure to come early or else you'll wait hours cause it full pack.


In just few days, we will be transferring to our little humble home. The workers just finished installing the porcelain tile inside the house. This coming Saturday and Sunday finishing touches of paints will be done. I wish they can meet our target date so that we can move to our home sweet home. We are all excited, in fact 95% of our things were already pack. I hope and wish that all will turn accordingly to our plan. Wish me luck!


Our Payroll system program occurs error since yesterday and it gives me a lot of headache. I tried to fix the program the whole day yesterday but unluckily I failed. I called up our IT Personnel base at the General Services Office to help me with my problem, unfortunately Jayax was out of town and will be back on Monday. Poor me cause I need the computer generated Daily Time Records now. How I wish I can still recall my programming lessons so that I can fix it all by myself just like my cousin Bong who accepts jobs in programming as well as CADD designing. Anyways, I hope Jayax can help me with my problem on Monday so that I can process our payroll.

Second Year of Operation!

This is my second home, the Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station. Last June 20th, we reach our second year of operation. Time really flew so fast, it seem it was just yesterday when I and my boss were both preparing for the dry run of the operation. After two fruitful years of operation, I am glad to say that were on the right track. We have strenghten the implementation of the rules and regulations as well as the collection of terminal fees. The whole premises is now equipt with security systems including the newly installed surveillance camera. Congratulations to all the personnel who've become part of the progress... cheers!


Two weeks ago my father was rush to the hospital due to dizziness and over fatigue. When we were in the hospital we requested a private room so that he will be comfortable and can recover fast. I personally noticed that the hospital bed and furniture inside my papa's room were all new. I called the attention of the nurse when he visit my father and she said it was part of the upgrading of the hospital. When I went to the laboratory section, one particular chair is on the process of assemble , I enjoyed watching specially when the guy pull the chair and the seat lifts and when he turn it it will swing. Hmm... it was my first time to saw that kind of medical chair, thats why I am very much amaze!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For security purposes, last year the management had decided to purchase a digital camcorders to document all the violation of stakeholders inside and outside of KCITS premises. It is a big help to our end specially in implementing rules and regulations. To date, were going high tech cause surveillance camera is now on the process of installation. Recording will be 24/7 with or without operator, what a relief on our side.

Spot the difference!

The Ninoy Aquino Road Asphalting Project was already finished last June 21, this year! It is a joint project of the Local Government of Kidapawan and the Provincial Government of North Cotabato. I am very happy for this development hence It has a big effect on the operation of Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station. Ninoy Aquino Road is the major road going to terminal proper, the commuting public will be now more comfortable going to the premises unlike before that the road is very dusty. I had compiled some pictures and just spot the difference!
During preparation of the base!
The base is filled and ready!
The newly asphalt road
The entrance of Ninoy Aquino Road!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Year 2009 is truly a blessing to all of my friends who is on the way and had delivered their babies successfully. In next 3 months my best friend Ethel will become a mother already. Last week she had a baby announcements to all of us immediate family, close friends and relatives that her baby shower will bes et next month. According to my bubbly bessie, she made an early announcement so that all of us can prepare big time, hehehehe... Looking forward for that date my dear! Take care, and kisses, mwah!

Finance Cash Drawers!

As part of our security augmentation in the office, the management had decided to purchase another cash drawer for our Finance Section. We are very happy that our collection has improve a lot and we are looking forward that it will be much higher than our target amount. Our operation just turn 2 years last 20th of this month, we don't have celebration this year because of austerity measures but were looking forward for more fruitful years to come. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy As A Bee!

Hi, folks am back after how many days of not updating my blog. I am busy as a bee not only at the office but most of all fixing our things at home. Yup, were starting to pack up our things cause we will be tranferring to our new home very very soon. Our target date will be on 2nd week of July, we will just wait that all things inside the house will be ready and the outside part will just follow soon. I'll update you soon, promise!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hanging On!

First quarter of this year a lot of changes happened to me and my family. Trials is striking us left and right but with God's help and guidance, we've been through and pervently hoping to surpass it all. This morning another unexpected circumstance happened, we rush my father to the hospital cause he felt dizzy and very weak. I told my mother to called up the Madonna Hospital and asked if his doctor is there so that my father will be check immediately. Were lucky cause Dra. Vea was there and she supervised the admission of my father. My mom attend the needs of my father while I am in-charge of his health insurance. First hour in the morning I went to the Phil health Office and I discovered that his health insurance quotes for second quarter was not yet paid, so I immediately settle the whole year payment so that I will not worry about it till end of December this year.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My hair!

My hair is now finally shorter after a hundred times of thinking if I will gonna cut my hair short or not. I love my hair now, its easier for me to manage. No need for combing for a long period of time. My friends really get shock when they saw my new look, reaction varies but I am happy almost all of them give positive comments. wink!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night the World Health Organization declared that Influenza A (H1N1) virus is now pandemic. It means that in 40 years this kind of illness was rampant worldwide. It is very alarming now cause even here in our countery 94 cases were already reported and still counting. I hope that this virus will vanished like a bubble soon. H1N1 virus case is more deadly than other viruses like SARS. There are other serious diseases like mesothelioma cause by asbestos but its not as harmful as the Influenza A virus!


So long with the launching of Brigada Ahensiya last May 27, 2009 by the Civil Service Commission. The management of Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station supported the said activity. Since it was the first ever clean up drive mandated by memo circular from CSC and the Local Government Unit the management had prepared for it. I already blog about it with pictures as our souvenir. We found out this week that the CSC 12 is looking for the best agency who conducted Brigada Ahensiya, it was stated that citations and tropies will be given to the winner agency. Hmm... hope will be included hehehe...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last April GOMA Cup was again held after almost 3 years of being silent. This event is known to be a celebrity golf tournament. This year it was held at the golf coarse of Boracay Island. The said event was accompanied by summer beach activity that includes beach games like water basketball, pres bee contest and a lot more. Winners of the said activity was awarded a customize Goma Cup golf trophies with cash incentives. The Grand winner received the same goodies plus 1 million worth of Rolez watch! Congratulations!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As what I had blog a week ago about the asphalting of the Ninoy Aquino Road. I was asked again to designed a tarpaulin for the project. The text was hand in to me yesterday morning and I did the lay-out ASAP hence, my boss needs to present it to our City Mayor for the approval. I was glad no changes had been made and my boss hand in back the draft picture to me yesterday afternoon with a note in it.. For final printing. This morning, I went to the printing house for tarpaulin running and I was advice to go back around 4:30 for pick up!

Do you know that....

Good news to all diet wannabees like me, asked why? It's because the best over the counter weight loss pills is now available again in the market. I am very excited about it hehehehe! Now, its no need for me to asked advice from time to time to my doctor cause I know the pill that I will gonna used will be safe. Thank you guys, theres no reason for me now to be chubby again, wink!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Got a good news from my boss today. The most awaited asphalting of the Ninoy Aquino Road is now materialized. In fact, I was tasked to document the project from day 1 to the end. It's been 2 year since we requested for this project and we are very happy that Finally it was granted. The asphalting project is a joint project of the City Government of Kidapawn and the Provincial Government of Cotabato.
Filling Time!
The entrance of NINOY AQUINO ROAD
Survey Gadget is ready!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy Rose

We called our finance head as mommy Rose hence she really is like a mom to all of us. Last month she keeps on complaining about her tummy. We asked her how she feels when she is in pain. She told  us it feels like a stub in her tummy. We advive her to undergo medical check up so that she will be medicated. She undergone an ultra sound test but the result is negative, she is again advice to undergone endoscopy examination and the doctor found something in her colon. The good thing was it was not that bad and she just needs colon cleanse treatment so that everything will be back to normal. To date she is now on strict diet as part of the treatment. We hope that her health will be good again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


In compliance with Memorandum Circular No. 12, s. 2009 of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to instill cleanliness and orderliness in the workplace, the Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station management had conducted its first ever Brigada Ahensiya last May 27, 2009 from 1:00 o’clock till 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The said activity was very successful hence participants had a blast cleaning the entire building of the premises. Attached herewith are the pictures of the said activity. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Next month, Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station will be on its second year of operation. Time flew so fast, it seems like it was just yesterday when I am still working at Special Technical Division and assisting for the construction of KCITS. I can still remember when my supervisor asked me to reproduce the  cad drawings and other documents for our progress reports. Anyways, I am glad that I am part of the success of KCITS operation and hoping for more years of service.

Warren and Nicole

This cuttie dolls are one of the gifts that my niece Aleighx have received during her 5th birthday. She name it Warren and Nicole pattern to her mom's favorite tele novela entitled " All About Eve". Aleighx really loves these dolls cause it can talk and laugh. There was an incident that my mom taught it was a real baby, funny hehehehe!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chubby Bingo

Since my childhood years, my body structure is huge compared with others at my age. My friends called me chubby Bing0. At first, I felt bad about it but later on I am used to it. I tried to go on diet after my college years in preparation on my job hunting.  I attended work-out classes and jog every morning. I also trim down my habitual eating and I lost weight. I just got frustrated when I am slowing down my phase cause I gain so fast.  To date, I can still consider myself as a chubby one and searching for answers how will I lost again. I'd better read the phenphedrine review so that I can get some pointers on how to trim down safely.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Preggy Ethel

After 7 months, my best friend Ethel is finally on its way! She is now 14 weeks pregnant. Her whole family are all excited for her pregnancy and so as her close friends. This morning she texted me that she will be going home from General Santos City  and she wanted us to meet. Around 4:30 in the afternoon we had a date at Jollibee, I am very amaze with her appetite cause she ordered all she wanted to eat, I told her that " dear, seems like there's no tomorrow for us" then we laugh. Anyways, I understand her cravings to date, it's far different last year when she is still body conscious and keep on asking what kind of weight loss pills she will gonna use to reduce her weight.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to work....

Its been two weeks since I go back to work. My first two weeks was tough, I felt it was my first time at my working place. I was away for more than a month so I need to know more updates of the operation. I talked to my staff and asked them to furnish me all the reports that I've missed. In my first 7 days I've checked all the office files as well as the database, I felt  nagging to them everytime I encountered lapses but I just keep on my patience and composure. I hate backlogs so I immediately ordered the incharge to update everything within the week. In my second week, I focus myself on the operation perse of the office, I check the inventory of the supplies as well as the obligations of our office. I called the suppliers for updates and follow up for the supplies that were not yet delivered. Next week, I am planning to concentrate my time on the personnel, timely that my boss told me that we'll have a meeting next week. That's for now guys!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I dream....

I miss to take  a summer vacation this year but hoping not to missed it next year. I love going to diffrent places every summer. I enjoyed Island hoping and do some adventures like sight seeing,  swimming , snorkling, spelanking and mountain climbing. I also wanted to experience an Outer Banks vacation wherein I can relax and feels like I am in a sanctuary place. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Family!

Last April 28th, I volunteered myself to be Aleighx Fym's official photographer. The whole family celebrated  her 5th birthday at JC Complex . We had fun on that night. This picture was one of my favorite shot, the celebrant looks very happy with her whole family. The tarpaulin background looks very cute and makes this photo more colorful.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Collecting cards  and stationary is one of my hobby since high school days. The glee that I felt everytime I received a card is unmeasurable. I really find it sweet and  felt very special. This coming sunday, the whole world will be celebrating mother's day! Every year I and my brothers have something for our dear Mama. This year I decided to make a customized greeting cards for her. My nieces and nephew were also busy making their own cards for their respective mothers and of course their dear Nanay. We are all excited to give it to mama on sunday. I know mama will love our cards specially the thoughts that was written there. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blotty Feeling!

Last night, we celebrated my niece 5th birthday. It was a simple dinner with the whole family and some close friends. It was my first time to dine at JC complex resto, the ambiance was great and their food taste good. My tummy was really full last night. This morning I am thinking of taking an appetite suppression tablet to ease the blotty feeling I am experiencing now. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Aleighx

My dear niece Aleighx is celebrating her 5th birthday today. We will be having a simple dinner with the whole family tonight at JC Complex sponsored by Uncle Bogn! As a surprise I also made a banner for her birthday. Her dad told me Aleighx would surely like it, wink!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I heard in the news today that our Solon's are planning to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight at California this coming May 3, 2009. Militant groups are condemning this acts hence,  according to them as a government servant they should not waste funds specially now that the country is facing a financial crisis. After hearing the protest some solon's are now confuse whether they will pursue thier US trip or not but others are already decided to go on with their trips. On the other hand, I saw in the news that  pacman's mom is enjoying her shopping at California and she told the reporter she is also wishing to experience Orlando vacations  with Manny's family.

5 Facts Tag!

Thanks Redge for this wonderful tag! Its been a while that I was not able to post a meme and I am glad to have it!

Rules: 1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
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*** I am a workaholic person****
*** I am tough but very vunerable in terms of my family ***
*** Strict in the workplace ***
*** Loves silence but am not a loner ***
*** Family Oriented person ***

Now, am tagging Twerlyn, Ellaine, Michelle, Mum Sheng and Ivy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Admire Her!

Last week a 47 year old woman, named Susan Boyle from Scottland makes history after performing at Britain's Got Talent show. Her never expected angelic voice, brought her to stardome. When I saw her video clip at youtube, I am a bit emotional hence at first she really plays underdog and people were discriminating her. Even the judges are laughing at her when she said she want to be as good as Ellaine Page. When Susan started to sang everybody was shocked and even the talent coordinators said they are not expecting it. Susan proved them that she is indeed talented. If you will watched the full video, you can see how people was shock, admire her during and after her stunning performance. Her angelic and powerful voice can really move not only audio racks but even mountains. As one of the judges said her voice is incridible!