Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maintenance Materials for KCITS!

Part of my obligation in the office is the preparation of budget for the maintenance of our facilities. This week I had prepared our purchases for the 1st quarter including the office supplies needed for the operation. I already talked with our supplier and we have agreed bout the terms and conditions as stipulated in the government procurement procedures including the material handling of all the items to be delivered. Am expecting the first batch of deliveries this Monday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wordless Sunday!

In Demand!

My cousin Ralf took Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 4 years ago and hopefully this coming March he will be marching with flying colors. His big bro James who is now in Canada influence him to took the said course hence Ralf's is indeed interested in computer and technology since he was young. My cousin is very optimistic that he will land a good IT jobs after graduation.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 3 A's of our family!

Meet the 3 A's of our Family from left is Alxia Gem, center is Aleighx Fym and at right is Andrei Briggs. This 3 little rascals rocks our world. They are very close to each other. The three are spoiled with me but they are not brats or else hehehehe... I love these kids, they are the reason why my pocket always get empty,wink!

Best Remedy!

A good friend Grace started her diet on the 1st day of January. She religiously go to the gym everyday after office hour and eat less rice for two weeks now. I saw a little development on her and I am pretty inspired of what she is doing now. I've asked her if she still use supplements for her diet and she said "of course my dear, I am using supplements to support my diet and she told me that was the best diet pills she ever tried".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost Wordless Day Again!

This picture was taken a month ago... It's a bag of my nephew Andrei... it's cute right?

He is so updated with gadgets!

My nephew is only 4 years old but I can conclude that he thinks more than his age. He loves having different gadgets such as cellphones, compact disk, electronic toys and a lot more. A year ago his father bought him a portable play station version 2, he enjoyed playing games, music and videos on it. In fact, he is much knowledgeable than I am in that kind of gadget. Last January 3, the whole family had a chance to hop at the mall and buy some stuffs for the kids. When we entered to an arcade store, my nephew spotted a playstation 3 which was then on test by the store attendant to one of the clients. To my surprised Andrei called my attention and said "Tita, I want to have that", I was amazed how gadget freak he is, I just told him, " ok, you can have it soon as long as you will be a good boy, he replied promise!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Busiest January Ever!

This is the busiest January I've encountered in my whole life since I'd rendered government service 4 years ago. As early as January 2, I attended an emergency meeting with my big bosses regarding our operation. Left and right instructions was ordered and I am obliged to do it since it was a call of duty. I supposedly traveling with my family to Davao City as early as 9 in the morning that day but for the sake of professionalism we delayed our travel after lunch so that I can attend the said meeting. I asked my boss a 2 days break after our meeting since I was working 31 days in the month of December. Luckily, my request was granted and need to report on 5th of January!

On the 5th day of January, as expected left and right meetings was called. I and my manager divided our schedule to accommodate all the activities. Our office was on its busiest January ever since our office was in full implementation of Renewal of 2009 KCITS Security Stickers for all Public Utility Vehicles and selected private vehicles operating and entering the premises. The whole admin section was again on test on how to handle pressures and have full implementation of the process with flying colors. We are now on our second week of renewal and extending our time until 6 in the evening to accommodate our clients. We have already reach 50% of our target clients and hoping we can achieve 90-95% at the end of January? How I wish hehehehe!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spending New Year at Vegas!

After winning the dream match Manny Pacquiao and his family spent their Christmas and New Year at Vegas. His wife Jinky delivered their  4th child on this wonderful place. In one of the interview, Manny said that he is really enjoying his  Vegas vacations  with his whole family. He added that it was just a dream before and it never cross to his mind that it will be realized with flying colors. His family will be back to the Philippines as soon as Jinky's condition is stable after gaving birth to Queen!

Hematoma After my OGTT Test!

My two arms looks so ugly because of the blood that blocks on the skin. I've noticed that I am really prone for hematoma because my skin easily got black everytime I got freak or  someone put some force on my skin. Last Saturday, I undergone an OGTT which is the reason for my hematoma now. All parts that were freak by needles looks blakish red and I felt a little tingling sensation everytime I've touch it. The medical technician told me that it will be gone 6 to 7 days depending on the response of my skin on the blood circulation and the normal healing process.

Ephadrasil hardcore

It is expected that last December 2008, a lot of fellow Filipinos gained so much weight because of excessive eating during the Holidays. I am one of the guilty fella hahahaha! In fact, I already reap the result of not controlling my appetite, so to date I need to trim down again and it must be serious now cause my health is  at stake. Aside from healthy diet and having regular exercise, Ephadrasil hardcore fat burner supplement will be of help. 

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)!

I had my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) last Saturday. As early as 5 in the morning I already prepared myself so that I can reached the hospital before 6 o'clock in the morning. I know that day would be an exhaustable day for me, so I really prepared myself for the test. As directed I had a fasting, I never ate nor drink from 8 in the evening of Friday until my series of blood test will be finish on Saturday morning. 

I reached the hospital 5:50 in the morning and hand in my laboratory request slip from my doctor to the OPD staff on duty. I was the first patient in  the laboratory as early as 6 in the morning. My first test was finished at 6: 20 am and they give me glucose to drink. I don't like the taste, it was so sweet and cold and I wanted to vomit it. The medical technician advice me to go back to the laboratory one hour after, for another blood sampling. Around 7:20 another blood was taken on my left arm. The veins in my right arm that was freak at first  has a sign of hematoma this time. The med technician told me to put some hot compress so that it would be minimize. On my third test around 8:25 in the morning I feel weak but still need to undergone another needle freaking. While waiting for my final blood sampling after an hour again, I had a chit-chats with one of the medical technician and she appreciated my courage of having this kind of test. She told me that they have a lot of patient who cannot bear the pain of this series of test and had 2 to 4x attempt inorder to complete the one kit test. I told her, that I don't have a choice and even how painful it is, I must sacrifice cause it is for my own good.... Around 9:35 in the morning I was done on my OGTT. I hurriedly go home cause I felt like fainting, maybe because of hunger and the pain that my body have undergone for 4 hours.  When I arrived home around 10 am, I ate my breakfast and take a lot of fluids cause I felt so weak and tired. I took a 30 minutes nap then prepare myself again cause I need to go back to the hospital to get the result. I have here my OGTT result and need to have another appointment to my doctor for the reading and opinion.  In my understanding, it was high.... but I am still hoping for the best!

Vegetable and Fruit Diet!

Part of normalizing my sugar, I will now go on vegetable and fruit diet. My mom really help me to make it possible. She knows how difficult to be a diabetic person and she doesn't want me to suffer and experienced what they have gone through over these years. When I told them my lab test result, they felt sad about it and adviced me to be careful and picky of what I am eating. In fact, they are monitoring my rice intake hehehehe... Personally, my mom measure my rice every meal, hahahaha... I am so touch cause I really felt the love and concern as much as I've love her too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It will surely make me Sweat!

On my early post, I've mentioned that my sugar level is high so I am a candidate for diabetes. Both of my parents were diabetic since they have reach the age of  late 50's. They are maintaining medines to ensure that their sugar level is normal. Now, that I was diagnosed to have high sugar level I must undergo  a strict diet and regular exercise. I need to sweat out to burn some calories and for sure my elliptical machine will help me to normalized my sugar level. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

OT, Again!

This morning I received another memorandum from our Local Chief Executive stating that we must render another overtime services including Saturdays & Sundays  until the end of this month due to voluminous applications for renewal of Business Permits of all transport associations and stallholders operating inside KCITS.

Hmm..... overtime again? If I would be asked I want to rest on those days but I don't have choice but to follow orders. That's how loyal we are hehehehe...

Thanks his alive!

Last 28th of December 2008, my whole relative in Metro Manila celebrated the 94th birthday of my Granny Francis Sr. We are really expecting for a celebration for her  specially now that shes on her twighlight years. Sad to say, were not able to attend the celebration but despite of the distance our thought for her  is always in our heart.

While my relatives are having a party at my Granny's compound, one bad news stops the celebration. My cousin Jhon was involved in a vehicular accident and his companion was dead on the spot. My cousin was in trouble cause her shoulder bones and feet are crashed so badly, but we are still thankfuk cause he is alive. Thanks God!

On that day he undergone series of surgery operation to make him safe of the damage caused by that accident. To date he is now out of danger but still needs another operation to fix the structure of his shoulder which is badly damage. My Aunt from Canada advice Jhon's family to asked about shoulder pain pump so that it can help him recover fast on his injury. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blood Test!

Its been a year since I was not able to have a complete blood test, so last Tuesday I decided to have another test as a gift for myself.  On the next day, I had an appointment with my doctor and hand her my blood chem results. I thought that everything is fine with my test but to my surprise my doctor told me that my sugar was so high. Got a positive 3+, so she ordered me to have another sugar test. She immediately called up her affiliated hospitals  if Oral Glucose Tolerance Test kits is available hence not all laboratiory conducted such kind of special test for blood. Luckily, one hospital has available kit for the test and I was schedule on Saturday January 10, 2009. Good luck to me cause my doctor says they will get blood sample on me every 4 hours so meaning I will be fricked 4 times huhuhuhu....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

She had a wonderful vacation!

I was so excited when I saw Jackie on one of my networking site, We've been untouched for quite sometime because of our busy schedules. Jackie is a childhood friend of mine and she is indeed very close to my family specially to my mom. She sent a holiday greetings to us and enclosed some of their photos when they had a holiday vacation. She put a caption on one of the picture and it says " you must try to have a vacation here, Outer Banks rentals in this place was so great. Hmmm... I guess she is right cause the place is really cool in that picture. I replied on her message, saying " how I wish I could be there too, but its really nice if you will sponsor my vacation expenses" hahaha!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Bonding!

Every year, I celebrated New Year with my family. The feeling was so great and incomparable. I really thank GOD for having a wonderful family. The whole family ended 2008 and welcome 2009 with a devotional prayer. We attended the 10:00 o'clock worship service together to thank and glorify GOD. We ate our lunch at my best friends house, actually its like a tradition for us to spend lunch with them every year. I had a chance to chit-chat with my bessie Arvin who was been away for how many months cause he need to concentrate on his nursing board exams. Late in the afternoon, the whole family stayed and take a rest at home. I cooked simple dinner for us, and guess what is it? hehehehe... I cooked Ilokano style vegetables and fried daing.... hahahaha... no meat, no chicken, no fatty foods.... its purely fish and vege combination. What a wonderful start of the year... I wish and pray that we will be like this everyday! wink!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's Try Lipovox!

Year 2008 was a very memorable one for me. I have lot of experience, some are good and others are bad but the good thing was I've learned so much from it. Last year, I tried to go on a strict diet but because of my health condition I was forced to stopped it. This year 2009, I am planning to re-energize myself, I really wanted to try something new like using Lipovox as my supplements. This year I must trim down my weight, I need to do it for my own sake... Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is one of the firework display when we welcome 2009.