Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blood Test!

Its been a year since I was not able to have a complete blood test, so last Tuesday I decided to have another test as a gift for myself.  On the next day, I had an appointment with my doctor and hand her my blood chem results. I thought that everything is fine with my test but to my surprise my doctor told me that my sugar was so high. Got a positive 3+, so she ordered me to have another sugar test. She immediately called up her affiliated hospitals  if Oral Glucose Tolerance Test kits is available hence not all laboratiory conducted such kind of special test for blood. Luckily, one hospital has available kit for the test and I was schedule on Saturday January 10, 2009. Good luck to me cause my doctor says they will get blood sample on me every 4 hours so meaning I will be fricked 4 times huhuhuhu....

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