Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Busiest January Ever!

This is the busiest January I've encountered in my whole life since I'd rendered government service 4 years ago. As early as January 2, I attended an emergency meeting with my big bosses regarding our operation. Left and right instructions was ordered and I am obliged to do it since it was a call of duty. I supposedly traveling with my family to Davao City as early as 9 in the morning that day but for the sake of professionalism we delayed our travel after lunch so that I can attend the said meeting. I asked my boss a 2 days break after our meeting since I was working 31 days in the month of December. Luckily, my request was granted and need to report on 5th of January!

On the 5th day of January, as expected left and right meetings was called. I and my manager divided our schedule to accommodate all the activities. Our office was on its busiest January ever since our office was in full implementation of Renewal of 2009 KCITS Security Stickers for all Public Utility Vehicles and selected private vehicles operating and entering the premises. The whole admin section was again on test on how to handle pressures and have full implementation of the process with flying colors. We are now on our second week of renewal and extending our time until 6 in the evening to accommodate our clients. We have already reach 50% of our target clients and hoping we can achieve 90-95% at the end of January? How I wish hehehehe!

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