Thursday, January 15, 2009

He is so updated with gadgets!

My nephew is only 4 years old but I can conclude that he thinks more than his age. He loves having different gadgets such as cellphones, compact disk, electronic toys and a lot more. A year ago his father bought him a portable play station version 2, he enjoyed playing games, music and videos on it. In fact, he is much knowledgeable than I am in that kind of gadget. Last January 3, the whole family had a chance to hop at the mall and buy some stuffs for the kids. When we entered to an arcade store, my nephew spotted a playstation 3 which was then on test by the store attendant to one of the clients. To my surprised Andrei called my attention and said "Tita, I want to have that", I was amazed how gadget freak he is, I just told him, " ok, you can have it soon as long as you will be a good boy, he replied promise!

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