Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)!

I had my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) last Saturday. As early as 5 in the morning I already prepared myself so that I can reached the hospital before 6 o'clock in the morning. I know that day would be an exhaustable day for me, so I really prepared myself for the test. As directed I had a fasting, I never ate nor drink from 8 in the evening of Friday until my series of blood test will be finish on Saturday morning. 

I reached the hospital 5:50 in the morning and hand in my laboratory request slip from my doctor to the OPD staff on duty. I was the first patient in  the laboratory as early as 6 in the morning. My first test was finished at 6: 20 am and they give me glucose to drink. I don't like the taste, it was so sweet and cold and I wanted to vomit it. The medical technician advice me to go back to the laboratory one hour after, for another blood sampling. Around 7:20 another blood was taken on my left arm. The veins in my right arm that was freak at first  has a sign of hematoma this time. The med technician told me to put some hot compress so that it would be minimize. On my third test around 8:25 in the morning I feel weak but still need to undergone another needle freaking. While waiting for my final blood sampling after an hour again, I had a chit-chats with one of the medical technician and she appreciated my courage of having this kind of test. She told me that they have a lot of patient who cannot bear the pain of this series of test and had 2 to 4x attempt inorder to complete the one kit test. I told her, that I don't have a choice and even how painful it is, I must sacrifice cause it is for my own good.... Around 9:35 in the morning I was done on my OGTT. I hurriedly go home cause I felt like fainting, maybe because of hunger and the pain that my body have undergone for 4 hours.  When I arrived home around 10 am, I ate my breakfast and take a lot of fluids cause I felt so weak and tired. I took a 30 minutes nap then prepare myself again cause I need to go back to the hospital to get the result. I have here my OGTT result and need to have another appointment to my doctor for the reading and opinion.  In my understanding, it was high.... but I am still hoping for the best!

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