Friday, January 9, 2009

Thanks his alive!

Last 28th of December 2008, my whole relative in Metro Manila celebrated the 94th birthday of my Granny Francis Sr. We are really expecting for a celebration for her  specially now that shes on her twighlight years. Sad to say, were not able to attend the celebration but despite of the distance our thought for her  is always in our heart.

While my relatives are having a party at my Granny's compound, one bad news stops the celebration. My cousin Jhon was involved in a vehicular accident and his companion was dead on the spot. My cousin was in trouble cause her shoulder bones and feet are crashed so badly, but we are still thankfuk cause he is alive. Thanks God!

On that day he undergone series of surgery operation to make him safe of the damage caused by that accident. To date he is now out of danger but still needs another operation to fix the structure of his shoulder which is badly damage. My Aunt from Canada advice Jhon's family to asked about shoulder pain pump so that it can help him recover fast on his injury. 

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