Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love them All!

My nephew Andrei grew with us. He was with us from day one of his life until now. He is like my son. I never played favorites among my nieces and nephew cause I treated them equally specially with the material things I am giving to them every time. But, I can say that I knew Andrei more , in terms of attitude, what he likes and how to pacify him compared with his two Ate (Alxia, 10 and Aleighx, 5).

Andrei is now 4 years old and he is very smart. We don't still send him to formal school but instead we personally guide him to learn things. This year he will be send to school but still undecided what school to choose. In preparation for their pre-school, I bought a lot of Educational DVD's for them and as I observed they can easily learned from it. They have books like nursery rhyms, coloring books and other educational materials. I personally teach them how to use the computer and guide them in using the internet. I am very proud of them. Looking forward for them as they go older.

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