Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lack of Thiamine!

I went to my doctor last Friday to have my medical check up. I've been blogging about my health condition since last year and Its a sad fact that my health is not that good. It's been months that my hands is numbing and there is a tingling effect. Just this month, I've noticed that my feet were swelling and my body is getting huge just like a balloon blown out with air. My mom, was so worried about my condition cause its not normal. When I talked to my doctor, she diagnosed me to have lack of Vitamin B specifically Thiamine. Hmmm... its a fun fact that its been 5 months since the last time I've ate meat, legumes and other food which are rich in Thiamine. I just ate almost raw vegetables, fish and no food supplements whatsoever. I thought my diet was good but late to find out it was bad, most of the food Ive ate has anti-thiamine which resulted a disease called beri-beri. My doctor told me that it was not that serious anyways cause it can be treated in due time with right habit of eating healthy food and a balance diet. For now, am into medications.... I go back taking B complex supplements, eating food with rich in Vit. B1, high fiber, high protein and stay away from eating carbohydrates too much specially white rice!

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