Friday, February 6, 2009

Moymoy Palaboy & Rodfill Real Voice!

I am a big fan of this fantastic duo. The first time I've watched them in YouTube, I can't believe that they are just having a lip sync and if you're not that familiar with them you will thought they are the real singers. They are very hilarious and they never failed to make me laugh in every video clips they have. In fact, I have downloaded their top most viewed videos. My whole family loves watching them specially my nieces and nephew. My eldest brother who is also a big fan of them browse this video and shared it with me! I am very excited when I downloaded it cause it contains the real voice of this fantastic brothers with Aljur Abrenica.I am very surprise with the voice of Rodfill, he can really sing hehehehehe... About Moymoy, its not the first time I heard his voice since I knew it from the start that he is a professional singer and have a band of his own. Watch this video and I am sure you'll love it!

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