Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project from Blogging!

Last December,my eldest brother open me up about his plans of renovating his humble home! I knew it is not that easy for them cause of financial constraint. I told him that I am happy with his plans but I advise him not to rush things. Anyways, he can do it step by step. I don't promise him anything but I will help him the way I can. I talked to my mom about my plan, I don't want to give the cash to my bro directly for some reasons, (hehehehehe) so mom decided to handle it for me and budget the amount I've allotted for the house. My income for December blogging was intended for my brother's humble home, though the amount is not that huge but it could be of help hence it could produce 200 pieces of hollow blocks, 10 bags of cement, 10 round bars, 5 pieces plain sheets and the labor. Wish he will be happy about this!

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