Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Admire Her!

Last week a 47 year old woman, named Susan Boyle from Scottland makes history after performing at Britain's Got Talent show. Her never expected angelic voice, brought her to stardome. When I saw her video clip at youtube, I am a bit emotional hence at first she really plays underdog and people were discriminating her. Even the judges are laughing at her when she said she want to be as good as Ellaine Page. When Susan started to sang everybody was shocked and even the talent coordinators said they are not expecting it. Susan proved them that she is indeed talented. If you will watched the full video, you can see how people was shock, admire her during and after her stunning performance. Her angelic and powerful voice can really move not only audio racks but even mountains. As one of the judges said her voice is incridible!

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