Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to work....

Its been two weeks since I go back to work. My first two weeks was tough, I felt it was my first time at my working place. I was away for more than a month so I need to know more updates of the operation. I talked to my staff and asked them to furnish me all the reports that I've missed. In my first 7 days I've checked all the office files as well as the database, I felt  nagging to them everytime I encountered lapses but I just keep on my patience and composure. I hate backlogs so I immediately ordered the incharge to update everything within the week. In my second week, I focus myself on the operation perse of the office, I check the inventory of the supplies as well as the obligations of our office. I called the suppliers for updates and follow up for the supplies that were not yet delivered. Next week, I am planning to concentrate my time on the personnel, timely that my boss told me that we'll have a meeting next week. That's for now guys!

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