Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Year 2009 is truly a blessing to all of my friends who is on the way and had delivered their babies successfully. In next 3 months my best friend Ethel will become a mother already. Last week she had a baby announcements to all of us immediate family, close friends and relatives that her baby shower will bes et next month. According to my bubbly bessie, she made an early announcement so that all of us can prepare big time, hehehehe... Looking forward for that date my dear! Take care, and kisses, mwah!

Finance Cash Drawers!

As part of our security augmentation in the office, the management had decided to purchase another cash drawer for our Finance Section. We are very happy that our collection has improve a lot and we are looking forward that it will be much higher than our target amount. Our operation just turn 2 years last 20th of this month, we don't have celebration this year because of austerity measures but were looking forward for more fruitful years to come. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy As A Bee!

Hi, folks am back after how many days of not updating my blog. I am busy as a bee not only at the office but most of all fixing our things at home. Yup, were starting to pack up our things cause we will be tranferring to our new home very very soon. Our target date will be on 2nd week of July, we will just wait that all things inside the house will be ready and the outside part will just follow soon. I'll update you soon, promise!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hanging On!

First quarter of this year a lot of changes happened to me and my family. Trials is striking us left and right but with God's help and guidance, we've been through and pervently hoping to surpass it all. This morning another unexpected circumstance happened, we rush my father to the hospital cause he felt dizzy and very weak. I told my mother to called up the Madonna Hospital and asked if his doctor is there so that my father will be check immediately. Were lucky cause Dra. Vea was there and she supervised the admission of my father. My mom attend the needs of my father while I am in-charge of his health insurance. First hour in the morning I went to the Phil health Office and I discovered that his health insurance quotes for second quarter was not yet paid, so I immediately settle the whole year payment so that I will not worry about it till end of December this year.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My hair!

My hair is now finally shorter after a hundred times of thinking if I will gonna cut my hair short or not. I love my hair now, its easier for me to manage. No need for combing for a long period of time. My friends really get shock when they saw my new look, reaction varies but I am happy almost all of them give positive comments. wink!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night the World Health Organization declared that Influenza A (H1N1) virus is now pandemic. It means that in 40 years this kind of illness was rampant worldwide. It is very alarming now cause even here in our countery 94 cases were already reported and still counting. I hope that this virus will vanished like a bubble soon. H1N1 virus case is more deadly than other viruses like SARS. There are other serious diseases like mesothelioma cause by asbestos but its not as harmful as the Influenza A virus!


So long with the launching of Brigada Ahensiya last May 27, 2009 by the Civil Service Commission. The management of Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station supported the said activity. Since it was the first ever clean up drive mandated by memo circular from CSC and the Local Government Unit the management had prepared for it. I already blog about it with pictures as our souvenir. We found out this week that the CSC 12 is looking for the best agency who conducted Brigada Ahensiya, it was stated that citations and tropies will be given to the winner agency. Hmm... hope will be included hehehe...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last April GOMA Cup was again held after almost 3 years of being silent. This event is known to be a celebrity golf tournament. This year it was held at the golf coarse of Boracay Island. The said event was accompanied by summer beach activity that includes beach games like water basketball, pres bee contest and a lot more. Winners of the said activity was awarded a customize Goma Cup golf trophies with cash incentives. The Grand winner received the same goodies plus 1 million worth of Rolez watch! Congratulations!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As what I had blog a week ago about the asphalting of the Ninoy Aquino Road. I was asked again to designed a tarpaulin for the project. The text was hand in to me yesterday morning and I did the lay-out ASAP hence, my boss needs to present it to our City Mayor for the approval. I was glad no changes had been made and my boss hand in back the draft picture to me yesterday afternoon with a note in it.. For final printing. This morning, I went to the printing house for tarpaulin running and I was advice to go back around 4:30 for pick up!

Do you know that....

Good news to all diet wannabees like me, asked why? It's because the best over the counter weight loss pills is now available again in the market. I am very excited about it hehehehe! Now, its no need for me to asked advice from time to time to my doctor cause I know the pill that I will gonna used will be safe. Thank you guys, theres no reason for me now to be chubby again, wink!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Got a good news from my boss today. The most awaited asphalting of the Ninoy Aquino Road is now materialized. In fact, I was tasked to document the project from day 1 to the end. It's been 2 year since we requested for this project and we are very happy that Finally it was granted. The asphalting project is a joint project of the City Government of Kidapawn and the Provincial Government of Cotabato.
Filling Time!
The entrance of NINOY AQUINO ROAD
Survey Gadget is ready!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy Rose

We called our finance head as mommy Rose hence she really is like a mom to all of us. Last month she keeps on complaining about her tummy. We asked her how she feels when she is in pain. She told  us it feels like a stub in her tummy. We advive her to undergo medical check up so that she will be medicated. She undergone an ultra sound test but the result is negative, she is again advice to undergone endoscopy examination and the doctor found something in her colon. The good thing was it was not that bad and she just needs colon cleanse treatment so that everything will be back to normal. To date she is now on strict diet as part of the treatment. We hope that her health will be good again.