Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hanging On!

First quarter of this year a lot of changes happened to me and my family. Trials is striking us left and right but with God's help and guidance, we've been through and pervently hoping to surpass it all. This morning another unexpected circumstance happened, we rush my father to the hospital cause he felt dizzy and very weak. I told my mother to called up the Madonna Hospital and asked if his doctor is there so that my father will be check immediately. Were lucky cause Dra. Vea was there and she supervised the admission of my father. My mom attend the needs of my father while I am in-charge of his health insurance. First hour in the morning I went to the Phil health Office and I discovered that his health insurance quotes for second quarter was not yet paid, so I immediately settle the whole year payment so that I will not worry about it till end of December this year.

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