Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The only jewelry that I never taken off is my earrings. Among my collections, the pearl jewelry set from my mom was my favorite. Aside from the lovely design and purity of the pearl the thought that it was given by mom makes it more special. I also have other pearl collections from my friends who travelled in Cebu, Palawan, Camiguin, Boracay and Puerto Gallera. I love it all cause its very authentic!

Happy 95th Anniversary!

Yesterday the whole church celebrated its 95th Anniversary. To GOD be the Glory, our celebration was very successful. God granted a nice weather despite the weather bureau declared it will be gloomy and rainy througout the day. Our celebration was very peaceful and blessed. Happy Anniversary to all INC brethren all over the world. A good friend and sister in Christ Lainy had posted the same event in more detailed manner. Please feel free to visit and read her blog about our Celebration!

At last!

Two years ago I personally applied the internet and telephone connections for KCITS. I had a speedy application process with the help of my friend Leigh who is working as Marketing Assistant on Metrophone company. I had the telephone connection within 24 hours but need to wait the free directories including the yellow pages cause the company was updating by that time. Our internet connection took 3 days before it was installed hence, the technician in charge was on leave. The waiting is worthy anyways thus, we are satisfied with the performance and speed of the net connections!

On Search

For now I am on search of the best diet pills which I can be used soon. I will be waiting 2 more months before I will be allowed to do my diet again because of my operation. I cant wait to trim down my weight again, so excited to wear my old pair of jeans and blouses hehehehe. Anyways, time flew so fast so I'll just close my eyes and wish that if I'll open it 2 months will be over!

beeeeeeeeeee C meh!

Been out for almost a week, been very busy at work and at home! Were still on the process of transferring out things to our new home. I took a leave at work for 3 days to help my family but the time is still not enough. I wish I can have more rest days hehehehe... or the President will declare more holidays hmmmm.... I know it is next to impossible but who knows hences Pres. Arroyo is good in making holidays, peace!wink

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally, after 3 days our light fixtures is now installed to our new home. The installation was quite delayed hence my brother need to buy another set of wire to a light fixture store at a nearby city. His fellow electrician help him fix all the wires and bulbs and alikes. We are very happy for the result it was very nice!

5 Days more to go!

The wait is over in 5 days time we will be transferring to our new humble home! I love our new house though is is just small and simple but the essense of having our own makes me feel good. A lot of development will be coming soon though but were just taking one step at a time. We are also planning to insured the house thats why my brother is now on the process of scouting an insurance quote. Anyways, the whole family is very excited for our transfer. We can't wait 5 more days to go hehehe..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grown up!

Time really flew so fast, it seems it was just yesterday that I held him on my hands and sang him a lulluby everytime he sleeps. This picture was taken last Saturday before attending the mid-year Thanks giving . Andrei my only nephew will turn 5 this coming October.

Monday, July 6, 2009

We will miss you Uncle Vic!

Last Saturday, our neighbor Ate Felma informed us that Uncle Vic had a stroke and unluckily he did not survive. Uncle Vic was my papa's best friend, they are great buddies since they were still young untill the last minute of his life. Itik, was the name given by my father to uncle hence according to him uncle was like a duck if he talks. We will be missing uncle Vic for sure, his silly jokes, his advices and his company. The body of uncle lays at Cotabato City and will be transfered at Buayan, Mlang, North Cotabato. Kuya Junior his eldest son was tasked to arrange all the needs for his dad including the papers of uncle Vic's insurances. Kuya told us that one of his dad's term life insurance had not matured yet but the family decided to waive the right t so that they can use the money for the funeral of Uncle Vic. Interment service will be schedule when Eugene his youngest son arrives on Thursday!

Photo Hunt!

Am in the mood of photo hunt and am so lucky I found this picture in Gretz Friendster album. This picture was taken 2 years ago during Kidapawan City Timpupo Fruit Festival. We are the 3's Marias during our CPDC days. My bessie Ethel in the middle is now working with the World Vision International while Gretz dear is now happily working at Dubai, UAE and yours truly is still connected at LGU-Kidapawan City.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Missing the Old days!

Last Tuesday, the Local Chief Executive called an emergency meeting at first hour in the morning. The three of us in the Admin Office attended the said meeting. As expected the meeting was a bit delayed cause we waited some officers. While waiting, I was able to chat with my other colleagues at Planning Department, we reminisce those days when we are still together working in one roof. Sad to say since I was trasferred at the ITS, I seldom see them. I miss chatting with them specially sharing our tips on how to lost weight by using a diet pills, working out in the gymn, playing badminton and doing aerobics exercise every 3 o'clock during Friday sports session. I miss those days.


This is the Legenda Map. I took this picture last October when I attended an MBUSSP seminar at Subic Freeport, Olongapo City. We stayed at Legenda Hotel and Casino for 2 nights and 3 days. The hotel's setting is not the same as other hotels hence I've learned that Legenda was the former office of US Military Men at the Freeport. The management converted the whole building into a hotel and to accomodate all the tourist visiting the Freeport. When I first saw the hotel I thought it is not that big but when I saw the map, it conquers more than 2 blocks of the entire stretch inside the freeport. Sad to say I can't share some of the photos I've taken cause my USB is infected with virus. sigh!

Infra Development

One of the major trust of the Local Chief Executivein our city is the Infrastructure Development. He is an engineer by profession so no wonder he has a big passion on constructing steel buildings, bridges, roads and water systems. His latest achievement was the asphalting of one of the major road going to the Integrated Transport Station. I've learned that, a lot of project was still on the list to be realized this year. Hmmm... am excited cause it means our city is really improving!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miss you Gretz!

I miss my buddy Gretz, she is one of my closest pal during our Special Technical Division days. Our ways parted two years ago when I was assigned to act as Admin In-Charge at the Overland Terminal and she decided to resign on her work and goes to Dubai. Last December, she came home but since her stay only lasted for two weeks I haven't seen her. We just exchange text messages and inform me where to get my pasalubong, wink! To date, she is still working at Dubai as Administrative Assistant, she told me she is enjoying her work and of course she is well compensated. Next month, she will be attending a seminar at a nearby city, she is very excited cause they will be house at a very nice hotel. As she describe it to me, the hotel is as beautiful as Sahara hotel which her boss used to play casino. She promised to take a lot of photos so that she can share the beauty of the place.

Bump It...

Bump cars, is one hobby that my youngest brother can't get off. Every time we have a chance to visit Davao city, Bump Car Station at SM city will be on our list of destination. He used to convinced me to try riding on it but I refuse cause I don't know how to operate the car. My nieces and nephew enjoyed riding it specially when their dad used to collide the cars. A lot of teenagers are addicted to it. If you're planning to visit SM bump car station on Friday be sure to come early or else you'll wait hours cause it full pack.


In just few days, we will be transferring to our little humble home. The workers just finished installing the porcelain tile inside the house. This coming Saturday and Sunday finishing touches of paints will be done. I wish they can meet our target date so that we can move to our home sweet home. We are all excited, in fact 95% of our things were already pack. I hope and wish that all will turn accordingly to our plan. Wish me luck!


Our Payroll system program occurs error since yesterday and it gives me a lot of headache. I tried to fix the program the whole day yesterday but unluckily I failed. I called up our IT Personnel base at the General Services Office to help me with my problem, unfortunately Jayax was out of town and will be back on Monday. Poor me cause I need the computer generated Daily Time Records now. How I wish I can still recall my programming lessons so that I can fix it all by myself just like my cousin Bong who accepts jobs in programming as well as CADD designing. Anyways, I hope Jayax can help me with my problem on Monday so that I can process our payroll.

Second Year of Operation!

This is my second home, the Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station. Last June 20th, we reach our second year of operation. Time really flew so fast, it seem it was just yesterday when I and my boss were both preparing for the dry run of the operation. After two fruitful years of operation, I am glad to say that were on the right track. We have strenghten the implementation of the rules and regulations as well as the collection of terminal fees. The whole premises is now equipt with security systems including the newly installed surveillance camera. Congratulations to all the personnel who've become part of the progress... cheers!


Two weeks ago my father was rush to the hospital due to dizziness and over fatigue. When we were in the hospital we requested a private room so that he will be comfortable and can recover fast. I personally noticed that the hospital bed and furniture inside my papa's room were all new. I called the attention of the nurse when he visit my father and she said it was part of the upgrading of the hospital. When I went to the laboratory section, one particular chair is on the process of assemble , I enjoyed watching specially when the guy pull the chair and the seat lifts and when he turn it it will swing. Hmm... it was my first time to saw that kind of medical chair, thats why I am very much amaze!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For security purposes, last year the management had decided to purchase a digital camcorders to document all the violation of stakeholders inside and outside of KCITS premises. It is a big help to our end specially in implementing rules and regulations. To date, were going high tech cause surveillance camera is now on the process of installation. Recording will be 24/7 with or without operator, what a relief on our side.

Spot the difference!

The Ninoy Aquino Road Asphalting Project was already finished last June 21, this year! It is a joint project of the Local Government of Kidapawan and the Provincial Government of North Cotabato. I am very happy for this development hence It has a big effect on the operation of Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station. Ninoy Aquino Road is the major road going to terminal proper, the commuting public will be now more comfortable going to the premises unlike before that the road is very dusty. I had compiled some pictures and just spot the difference!
During preparation of the base!
The base is filled and ready!
The newly asphalt road
The entrance of Ninoy Aquino Road!