Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miss you Gretz!

I miss my buddy Gretz, she is one of my closest pal during our Special Technical Division days. Our ways parted two years ago when I was assigned to act as Admin In-Charge at the Overland Terminal and she decided to resign on her work and goes to Dubai. Last December, she came home but since her stay only lasted for two weeks I haven't seen her. We just exchange text messages and inform me where to get my pasalubong, wink! To date, she is still working at Dubai as Administrative Assistant, she told me she is enjoying her work and of course she is well compensated. Next month, she will be attending a seminar at a nearby city, she is very excited cause they will be house at a very nice hotel. As she describe it to me, the hotel is as beautiful as Sahara hotel which her boss used to play casino. She promised to take a lot of photos so that she can share the beauty of the place.

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